Monday, September 27, 2010

UNIQUE Boutique - New Gown !!!!

The beutiful Vampirella Gown !!!!-photographed right from the model pose stand . Visit this amazing store and if you dare climbt to the 3rd floor for the enchanted castle !!!! 

 Styling :
 1. Dress-*Vampirella Gown*-UNIQUE BOUTIQUE (Thanks to PussyCat Pike !)
2. Skin- Oceane's Nubia Group gift-Oceane's Body Boutique
3. Hair- Posh(part of the previously displayed huge free fatpack :)) -POSH

And girls let me tell you - this dress flows amazingly !!! YOu can almost feel the beutiful sways the "material" makes!!! Its a virtual sil- satin miracle !!!


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