Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hair Fair 2016
July 16 - 30

Hello Dfashionlovers!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Continuing the post on the highlights of the Fair Hair, these were
new releases: Aso By Meni. The long, always "stood out" events, but short this timealso shone.
She came with one hair cut short and straight, and two hair stuck, I would even say that the coolest of these hairs is on the back, one with a bun
"tangled" with a handkerchief with 5 different textures, and the other with a
"Coke" messy style that I love, and that's why I chose this as
my favorite.
I've imagined look with a kind of casual style, would fall very well.
Tidy style but not so:))
Each tone is priced at: 200 L $
Fatpack: 500 l $
Thanxs so much Meni for support.

I hope you enjoyed the post, "If you throw in short girls", and stay beautiful.

More details ,click below and visit the creator of flickr.
Ume @ Hair Fair 2016Kiku @ Hair Fair 2016Yone @ Hair Fair 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tram/HF 2016

Tram By Moca Loup.

Continuing on the highlights of this year's HF, is of course not
could miss * t r a m *.
I really like the hair style that store, follows the style that I value greatly in looks, thestripped!
Loose wires, nothing too tidy, too flat ... it passes an effect
very cool, especially on photos.
I am of those that buy something and I can see how it's going to be
in the photos. Haha, and if using hair from the t r a m I know issues
are not necessary.
The releases are short hair, with bangs, with unique style
the creator, by the way, I always need a short hair
always sought to see the options that the store offers.
It is very difficult to highlight one that I liked, but the Court let the "neck shows" (tram F519 ) I found sexy and youthful. It's like WOOOW that
It's really good.
The textures are with cooler tones, this makes the blond mostly
more real.
Also has a beautiful gift, try the demos, choose your
"short" that best adapt to your style ... and as I always say ...
stay beautiful < 3

Thanks Moca Loup,
for all the support today and always.

Prices: 350L$$
1100 Fatpack.

Free gift for Hair Fair 2016tram x Hair Fair 2016

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hair Fair 2016

                                                                            **DP**YumYum By toraji Voom.
This definitely is the fair which I like best.
I think second life has an edge in this aspect of cooperatives.
Add a time for releases of hair that always calls
much attention and attach a noble cause in a virtual reality game
a great idea ".
I love hair, and always liked to cover of all editions
earlier. This time a lot has changed, time is a rarity, but this time I always give a way to attend. And I'm going to do a series of post with
the highlights for me this issue.
For starters, a store that I hadn't met (happens when
you get months without playing):))
I like this style "girl", and the textures are many good, and loose threads,
cuts well ... but what I liked most is the textures.
Has the ombres hair well unequal that make more natural yet.
There's still a difference this store you can purchase models
of fringe of hair, well stripped and jovial and attach with other hair from the store.
The brand, it seems to mebe Japanese.
And each hair costs 300 lidens.
The links are below, enjoy and stay beautiful and help a
cause so important.
Marketplace Store.
YumYum Hair Fair.
Flickr Toraji.