Saturday, February 25, 2017

There are wolves in my head and their howling

Lost it all
Nothing left to believe in
Nothing left to say
In a world without reason
I'll never find my way.. ♪
Hair: Moon. Hair. // Ricky Sail
Wings: Nana - Eurielle Wing @Love Interruption
Piercing: :Z.S: Orion Septum Piercing – Group Gift
Choker:  Eclat - Rhinestone Choker @K9
Tie: Nana - Karlie Brown Tie @Suicide dollz
Top: .:villena:. - Laced Up Turtleneck Top - Black @K9
Tattoo: .::VELVET::. Taya ~ NEW!!! ~
Pants: .:villena:. - Distressed Superskinny - Black @K9
Shoes: T&S – Karma Plats


Where We Land.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Love’s ignorant of time

Tell me this
Does any of this love exist
Or is it just a fire
Keeping out the cold
Fear of the unknown
Turning us to coal .. ♪

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Hair: Moon. Hair. // Ricky Sail
Piercing: :Z.S: Orion Septum Piercing – Group Gift
Choker:  Bens Beauty - Snowflake Choker
Dress: Nana - Amelia Black Dress @Suicide dollz
Shoes: .:villena:. – Sock Knit Over Knee Boots  ~ NEW!!! ~


931 Take me with you

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday Flow

Purple Night

Bento head: Catwa Head Kimberly - New
Shape: Be Yourself - Nanda Shape (Catwa kimberly) - New
Skin: Glam Affair - Alexa - Catwa Applier - kustom9 - New
Hair: Doe: Lovestruck - The Kawaii Project - New
Dress: [CoD!] "Noir" Dress - The Kawaii Project - New
Eyes: [Fetch] Aubrey Eyes - The Kawaii Project - New
Garland : +Half-Deer+ Lovely Heart Garland - The Kawaii Project - New
[ zerkalo ] Huge pile of books RARE
CURELESS [+] Skeletal System / PURE
Kalopsia - 6 - Tabitha's Spell Books - Blue/Camel
Kalopsia - 8 - Tabitha's Butterflies Skull - Blue
Kalopsia - 4 - Tabitha's Raven Claw Candle
Kalopsia - 9 - Tabitha's Tarot Cards
+Half-Deer+ Soiree Curtains
+Half-Deer+ Starlit Spiderweb - Corner Full Web 

 Catwa Kimberly

Saturday, February 4, 2017

I know there’s something more to aim for…

It's written in your bones,
You're meant for something more
There's nothing here for you to wait for
I hear it in your heart, It's yours for you to take
If you could cut the lines, and let go! .. ♪
Hair: (r)M Hair No.48'17 - Group Gift 01'17
Piercing: :Z.S: Orion Septum Piercing - Group Gift
Choker: [Pumpkin] The heart choker- Black- Gold
Tattoo: Nana - Elea Black 80 Tattoo @Sanarae
Jacket: .:villena:. - Bomber - Black  ~ NEW!!! ~
Shorts: .:villena:. - Distressed Shorts - Washed Blue  ~ NEW!!! ~
Shoes: .:villena:. - Sock Knit Over Knee Boots  ~ NEW!!! ~