Monday, September 27, 2010

R2 boots pumehana front (KDC MALL new location)

R2 boots pumehana_001
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R2 Pumehana (=warm love and affection in Hawaiian) Boots in black found with much effort! Here is the exact SLURL! They are located in a set apart display section along with a number of other fantastic new products. Pumehana comes in a sea green, light pink/mauve, sand and several other colours for only 249L, a real steal. I've always adored R2 - rei2 Aya makes a lot of nice footwear. (Also in this area you'll find some amazing jewellery by Gabriel, including a group gift of a piercing set like you never seen. The detail!) When you enter KDC Mall here, there is a huge wall to your right showing the tper's for all the separate shops and their Lucky Boards! (Not clear on why LB's would have to go off-line tho.) So I grabbed a few things here and there as I flew through the shockingly EMPTY corridors. One of the L's was right at R2 stall (the Pumehana Boots are not located here, just a pic) and I got a sweet pair of pink striped pumps! R2's shoe and boot sculpts are like none I have seen elsewhere on SL and reasonably priced as well as gorgeous! Just a little further ahead front the entrance are tper's to the individual stalls and shops. Have fun shopping here before everyone finds out about it! R2 Main Store Also wearing DJunk socks! (Djunk & tarvike just fine socks pale, TARVIKE just fine socks black, tinted dark blue by me.) Yes, after I despaired last time I searched for it, DJUNK IS BACK! Yay! The sign says DJunk tho you'll also see UKK, Too Cool for School and Republic of N so I'm not absolutely sure what the correct shop name is yet. EVERY SINGLE THING IN THE STORE IS FREE (that I could see)! I will vouch for hard work tho yes some things are take my meaning! Lol! I haven't tried on everything yet and there is a lot of cute stuff including clothing and skyboxes! I'm standing in the lovely skybox from TEE*FY in the Seasons Hunt. Look for an orange leaf here.

R2 boots pumehana_003
Originally uploaded by Leonie22
These stunning R2 boots found at KDC!
Happy hunting my friends! Leonie Szczepanski Lotusland Notes V.2


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