Saturday, September 11, 2010

:::♥DURGA DESIGN♥:::: PART ONE ONLY :))) ♥♥♥

The BEUTIFUL creations (and creator) of DURGA DESIGN can onlky inspire your fashion palathe to strive for more, fly to higher fashion altitudes, the Impecable Designs and Unique Ideas are the crown of her colections !!!

The Only thing you are left with is to UNPACK and LOOK GORGEOUS !!!

 Dont Forget to wander around her beutiful store , let yourself go and indulge in your EVERY FASHION NEED !!!!

 First presenting the Beutifully Crafted *MILLET DRESS* ENJOY!!

Styling Credits :

2.Hair- Hair Fair Item from- OH! Hair -mainstore-OH! HAIR
3.Skin- GroupGift Skin- Roomana Sparkle - :::ATOMIC BAMBI:::

4. Bracelet & Nail Polish - FREE!- from- ♥DURGA DESIGN♥



Leonie Zurakowsky said...

Fantastic look! Where did you get the shoes? Thanks so much, Leonie Szczepanski

Melina Fetuccio said...

Ohh Thank you hunni!!!!!
I am gonna paste you the link - the boots are bought on XSTREET - you get them in a fatpack of10 colors- its a GOING OUT OF BUSINESS sale=> so believe it or not you get a fatpack for 50L$ !!!!
Here is the link=> Kisses xxxx

Melina Fetuccio said...

Infact , i am going to post all the links and options that are available on XSTREET ...right NOW LOL Muah (((Hugsss)))

Leonie Zurakowsky said...

yay! I got both fat packs just now! amazing! they are so cool, wow, have wanted some like this for ages but have not seen them for a cheap price! it's too bad she's going out of business tho also hope she does well. Thanks so much - and have linked to your blog on my blog! XXOO

Melina Fetuccio said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH HUNNI!!!!! Enjoy our blog and dont hesitate to ask whatever !!! Kisses !!! Oh and Ill give you my public mail you can send me the link of your blog and I will link it here as well HUGSSSS!!!


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