Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lingering Valentine Day Feelings

Shhhh...Ive never been a fan of Valentines Day ...Nevah lol..Until this year...
So much SL fashion goodies have made me a believer lol ::.
 Theres just such presence of color , cheerful designs and romantic tailoring (yes there is such a thing) that its hard not to become a believer...

And hey...If you have someone special to share everything that with...All the better ;;)
 But hey, singles..This is OUR YEAR .....for Love & other disasters

Without further ado...

 Styling card : 
glam affair (group gift -joining fee)- Valentines Day gift (check in notices)-Eva medium tan
Blue Blood- Shiver RED
Glow Studio- O$L -rings-."im your present"
Dagmar-MOna Shape
 GF- Flower Pumps Eve- the 220 L$ Version (the usual price is 190 L$)
 Exile- Artemis- brunnete shades pack- blackherry

Embody Ballet pose- *rehersal* - Marketplace link

*Oh and in case you are wondering ..the cookeh Im nom nom-ing on is a gift from a new dear friend :)*

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hmmm.. What To Buy Next?

Skin: Curio Petal POUT -Dark Silver Spoon1
Eyes: Poetic Colors -summer storm-small
Hair: Truth -Aloha Treacle
Nails: Candy Nail ~Feb Group Gift FREE!!
Skirt: ::LEO-NT:: Black Swan Tutu ~220 lindens
Shirt: *HolliPocket* Love Me ~FREE TVDH#19
Bangles: KOSH: SHAG BANDS -female
POSE: ::JAZUMI:: Chelsea 4

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

*SOLE SISTERS* (Thank you Cliothe !!!!) Has a new faboosh release !
Janelle heals are out !!!

Try them on in fiery red and swoop your man off his feet, white for an elegant walk or the classic patent black for your cool office look!
Thank you to our sponsor for letting us rock these amazing heels as a preview and to present to you darlings!!!
 Dont forget the fabulous thing about SOLE SISTERS is that EVERY release is a DOLLARBIE in white !!!

 So...what are you waiting for ?!?! RUN!!! *SOLE SISTERS*

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TDVH & Dinner In Africa

Just a fun little reminder that The Diva Valentine Hunt ends Feburary 28 so, hurry and find those little pink hearts for fabulous gifts including the dress I am wearing from Ducknipple.

Skin: Cuiro -Elf Fire Engine1 SUndust [Dark] Poetic Colors summer storm-small Hair Magika Delora -Blonde ~FREE Gift in store!! all colors. Dress: Ducknipple -Pruim Leo ~TDVH Pink Heart Photo's Taken In: VIRUAL AFRICA SL

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fickle Valentine Gift!!!

Fickle Hearts Valentine Gift
Here's my free Valentine gift for fun! Make sure you rez the physical hearts in a sandbox cuz they are FICKLE!!!
Find them here at my Lotusland Gallery Shop!
Leonie Szczepanski

Valentines Glam!!!

.. Hello Girls! /me waves insanely.. I'm Cecelia and it's going to be my
very first post for SL Extravaganza and thanks Melina for inviting me..
Nina Skin (70L) : *[Glam Affair @ TDR]*
Hair (Subscribe Gift) : *[Exile]*
Earrings & Necklace (60L): *[Glow Studio @ TDR]*
Bo Leather dress/Cherry (59L) : *[LeeZu! @ TDR]*
Jacket/part of a dress (group gift) : *[Kunglers]*
Black Heart Bag (Subscribe gift) : *[G.Field]*
Aubrey Bangles (free) : *[Exodi]*
**find the small red box

.. til next time girlies.. TTFN

Saturday, February 12, 2011

La Femme Closing Already!

La Femme Closing

Alas, my friend Lois Milgrove, whose shop La Femme my last posts were about, is closing. As a result, she has slashed her prices down to 25L per dress! Go over there right now and be gluttonous! Lol!
I'm wearing Pink Fuel 50L Skye Milk skin, Fishy Strawberry sweater (sale), GF Flower Pumps, La Femme skirt, Heart Softens Riri and a few other items in my bedroom.

As a result of all these other things I keep finding to do, I feel I set my bar too high and will be breaking one of my own pet SL fashion blogging peeves, which is not posting every single detail of where to find things. I know that so much of what I cover is freely available and probably covered more excitingly that what I do - which is finding cute looks using all the incredible items to be found in SL. Finding these things and doing things while wearing them seems to be more of a focus for me lately. Perhaps this will encourage iming! I dunno. I'll just name off a few things and if you can't find them, IM or note me in world. Let's see how it works. Who knows, it might be less boring for all!?!?!?

In light of that decision, I thought it would also give me the excuse to show random photos of my av wearing the various thing I find, mod or make even, along with my galleries and art and my newest shop: Leonie Textures and Sundries - opening soon!!! without having to spend days and days setting up for the shoot and documenting the whole thing when it's already been documented on the feeds! And you all know that keeping up with just the basic feeds these days is a full time job in and of itself, much less blogging the whole thing!

I believe it was Strawberry Singh who showed shots from the lovely Pixel Bean Coffee Shop sim and so I ended up there last night in layers of things I'd just recently bought or tried on. I also used the sim's windlight settings for something different that my standard "best light" settings so I thought my effect kinda cool.

Pixel Bean

In this lovely spot, I've got on an incongruous fur hat hair gift from 3636, 120L sweater from Pig, a free indigo dress and tinted ring from paper couture and some free nails from RezIpsa Loc. I loved those 50L The Squares Ethel Glasses at TastyBeans and had to have them even though I don't need glasses in Second Life. Oh yes and of course the fantastic group gift skin Eva from Glam Affair - only 30L to join and sooo worth it!

Ciao for now folks!

Leonie Szczepanski aka Leonie Zurakowsky

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

*G Field* Sweet Heart ❤ Hunt

I know this *G Field* VD Balloon dress has been blogged to death already, but I enjoy seeing how different bloggers put together outfits so here is my "contribution" to this fabulous freebie and hunt. The hair I am wearing is FREE too, just look in ur library under "Asymmetric Bob" its transfer too, so give it to all ur friends.

Skin: Curio Sundust [Dark] Cupid -Crave2
Eyes: Poetic Colors -summer storm-small ~previously blogged
Hair: Asymmetric Bob (Black2) ~Free in ur Library

Dress: *GF* VD Balloon Dress ~Free in store hunt

Nails: Candy Nail -Choco Milk ~Free lucky board win \o/

Ring: -[AddiCt]- Chocolate Ring (choco1)

Shoes: *GF* Flower Pumps "Eve"chocolate ~50 lindens in store hunt
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: Love Birds Color Medium ~Free one day special Pose: [LAP] GG1 Marilyn PR4

Monday, February 7, 2011


Well all my faithful contributors know by now im desperately ....hopelessly...devoted to ...VINTAGE !!!!

*ICING*  store is one of the great spots to get your vintage on !!! Throw in a unicorn and you got urself one happy blogger here !!!
                                             firstly- NEW releases & such 

    Freebies :::::



YESH YESH >:< The rumors are ....TRUE !!!
 We're having  a fabulosity "mix & mash -up" on a contributors front :)
 Amazing new bloggers will be joining us- "regular-guest starring " on our little project :) 

No fear...only a click away from buffeeeeee
 SL is huuugeeee.....Fashion directions are huuugeeee....Hunts & Events many...but what is the most numerous is the amount of views and perspectives on it !!!!

We had immense pleasure to welcome❤JENNIFER❤
- first of our new contributors ....HER BLOGGY IS A MUST VISIT!!!!!!!
 And more yummy juicy contributors to come as OUR GIFT TO YOU FOR VALANTINES DAY <3<3<3

 THIS is how we roll...always new, fresh , never staying on the same page , like a freshly flipped Vogue Magazine we just keep on giving & keeping you on your toes cover to cover....

And NEVAH EVAH FORGETTING the blog MOTO => We can look fashionable, chic and sassy without hurting ANYONE....Animals are our friends , they feel just as we do and OUR LIVES are enriched by thier love & presance :) !!! Hence:::


G Field SWEET HEART HUNT *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Enjoy your shopping for Valentine's Day and mini hunt!
Date : until 14th February. (24:00 SLT)
Place : G Field main store.  inside, 1st floor and 2nd floor.

Prize : 10 􀀀
           FREE : 1~6, Balloon Dress red/pink, Heart Earring red/pink, Heart bag red/pink.
           30L : 7~8, Heart Flat Shoes red/pink
           50L : 9~10, Velvet Dress brown heart, Flower pumps chocolate.

Hunt the little bear with heart, and buy.
Pink items are in pink heart, red in red, brown in brown. easy! :D

Have fun and happy Valentine's Day!


Magical whimsicle new hairstyle..A must have for Valentines :)
In fact - fat pack must :)

                  LOVE SOUL's Newest Release :) 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

TVDH №3 & The Vault

-The Vault- is one of Second Life's little Gem's and vintage clubbing at its best. This jazz club with DJs who play the best in big band, swing, and neo-swing, create an atmosphere of romance and class that can easily rival any of the clubs in SL. I love the live performers too, and -The Vault- delivers the best talent I have seen on SL . I sum -The Vault- up as "Glamorous Old Hollywood at its BEST". If you see me at -The Vault- don't hesitate to say hi and let me know you made it!!
Skin: Curio Petal [Dark] Elf-Snug2
Hair: Curio Holly -Light Brown
Dress: .::D::. Moonlight Amour Dress ~TVDH#11 Free!!
Necklace Set: Donna Flora -ALAIR set
Poses: Gesticulate OTV std1, ::JAZUMI:: Ravyn3

Friday, February 4, 2011

Gesticulate ★ Lucky Chair

Gesticulate has a lucky chair packed full of goodness for Valentines Day. Poses and these cute holdable heart shaped decorated cookies are urs to win every 5 mins. Also, several hunt items easily located in plain sight.

~*~ Hunt Items @ PomPomPom ~*~

Three hunts going on now at PomPomPom - Check out all this cool free stuff!
Skin & Shape: Zoe by TULI
Hair: Unbirthday Redux in Kit Kat by Lamb
Shoes: Oxfords by COCO Designs
Earrings by Dahlinks (old hunt gift)
Sandals: Secrets of Isis by SKIFIJA
Earrings by LOQ (old group gift)
Hair by YS&YS

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lets Get Physical \o/

With all these amazing hunts for the month of February we all must stay in shape to keep up!! Yep, with over 100 stores in some of these hunts and tiny teeny little black shirts to find gotta put our game face on and jump on in feet first!!

Skin: LAQ ~Nellie09 [Fair] Glow Skin
Face Tattoo: Mons/Face Tattoo Heart ~previously blogged
Hair: Exile Rock Princess/brownsugar ~new hair
Outfit: ~Sassy!~ Sporty in pink ~free TVDH Gift
Socks: *BOOM* Cuffed Socks (white)
Shoes: X-Dream Dsg Uniques -Chelsea
Poses: ::JAZUMI:: Ravyn5 & Ravyn3

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Carlyle Theas Wardrobe Solution

I've been using Carlyle Thea's Wardrobe for the past month and it is, by far, THE BEST purchase I've made in SL. What makes it unique is that you can view and manage your inventory online without paying upload fees. If I'm looking for hair, I just click on the hair tag and it pulls up all of the hair in my inventory. The same goes for shoes, gowns, etc. Recently I was looking for outfits to enter The Dressing Room contest, so I clicked on the TDR tag I created and it pulled up everything from The Dressing Room (TDR) that's in my inventory in seconds. Its truly amazing.

So how does it work?

1. Purchase or receive a new outfit.
2. If the outfit has a texture, just drag the texture into the HUD. Enter the name of the outfit in local chat, followed by the tags you want to assign to it and any remarks once prompted.
3. If the outfit does not have a texture, take a snapshot of yourself wearing the outfit in SL and email it to the wardrobe email address. In the body of the email, indicate the tags you want to assign to the outfit and the remarks.
4. The outfit will appear on the wardrobe website in a few seconds and you can then easily sort and view your inventory.
5. Drag the folder containing your clothes into the RLV folder.

(In order for this to work, the textures must be full perm and you must use the RLV feature of the viewer.)

The best part about the wardrobe is that you can change your clothes directly from the website. As long as you are wearing the HUD in SL, you can click on a button from the website and it will remove the clothes that you are currently wearing and replace them with the outfit you selected.

Another cool feature is that the HUD comes with a pose stand and background to assist with your snapshots. 15 poses and 5 backgrounds are included and you can add more at any time to personalize the HUD. This basically turns your pose stand into a mini photo studio.

While its time consuming to add a large inventory to the wardrobe, the texture upload feature speeds up the process and its sooooooooo worth the time it takes to get organized. I've discovered clothes I didn't know I had and have purged some truly awful pieces I received as a newbie.