Wednesday, April 20, 2011

LTS Devon Logo

LTS Devon Logo 02 by Leonie22
LTS Devon Logo 02, a photo by Leonie22 on Flickr.
My new Devon face logo!

Leonie Szczepanski

LTS Free&Specials

LTS Free&Specials Display by Leonie22
LTS Free&Specials Display, a photo by Leonie22 on Flickr.
See pic for items available for free and cheap!

LTS Bookworm Bookshelf&Sundries, 120L

LTS Bookworm_001 by Leonie22
LTS Bookworm_001, a photo by Leonie22 on Flickr.
LTS Bookshelf&Sundries 120L

Come on down and see the whole shop!


Monday, April 18, 2011

BLISS Easter & JAPAN & MISS Virtual

Bliss outfits in order of showing :  

Playboy Bunny outfit

Tara Scarlett- 475 L$ - for Japan -
Hair- - vive9 freja in S&M

Miss Virtual World Gown
Hair- Discount @ Purple Moon-Exa-hair attachment blondes


 * the dances with snowflakes poses are GATCHA prizes :))
 With every purchase you get STORE CREDIT !!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

HUDSON's Group Giftie !

HUDSON'S New Group Giftie - no fee to join - wear the tag and snatch this gipsy sex little number :))


Leonie Textures & Sundries Melina Shape

LTS Melina Shape by Leonie22
LTS Melina Shape, a photo by Leonie22 on Flickr.
I was talking to my sister blogger (our benefactor here!) at SLExtravaganza and somehow got thinking of shapes and voila, another pretty tall girl (according to Maidy anyhow! lol). 100L copy/mod

Shape, brow, windlight settings and style card are included @ Leonie Textures & Sundries

Available now! The display box is on the left wall as you walk in the shop.

Leonie Szczepanski

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Lemme give you a little clue. ....Something like a street fashion insider....Shots of our fellow residents whose style we admire, whose attire catches our eye and seems interesting enough to be singled out and praised...

 Something I think is a great way to acknowledge how much style and individuality there is even in this uniform world...
 So take the challenge and  TAKE A SHOT OF YOUR FELLOW RESIDENTS- with or without them knowing- just like in real life there's nothing preventing people from taking STILL pictures of you and this is for a good FASHION cause *giggles *

RANDOM PEOPLE YOU MEET wandering the sims , crossing paths and who you *JUST HAVE TO CAM * check out their *SWAG* 


*Look of the Day * ~ Cherry Trees

Hair- - vive9 freja in S&M
Tee*Fy-Orelle Dress white - TDR & TDR Blue
-bangle necklace dollarbie-Tee*fy - look on the table below the lucky boards !!!
Skin-   HSH- BANBI
Glow Scenic Eyes Silver TDR& TDR Blue
Atomic Lashes -Desire
Coco-Leather Canvas Flat Boots -TDR & TDR Blue
duboo eyeliner 3 tattoo- gatcha


*Join* AL VULO group to get regular gifties that are oh so worth it and cutsie and yummy and realistic :)
 Sheets off !!!!

                                    - gift RENZIE skin-

 * shoes-GF-  EVA style in black with color changeable flower
 Sheet & pose-  Free !!! @ SHAG - naked as we came - free ! sheet!
hair- [E] - "Say" -all colors - free gift! @ the entrance or at the Marketplace - here
eyes.- Tuli- gem eyes.- free!  in 4colors @ the counter 


Well a special post will be dedicated to saying GOODB(U)YE  to *TINY BIRD* but for now lets focus on the ADORABLE dress given as a ~group giftie ~ for paper.doll group members - Mind you a joining fee of 200 L isnt a big deal when you figure out you get adorable monthly gifties that are certainly worth it :)

 *loving my new grey dress* 

 Hair:The Seasons Hunt Item @ Tiny Bird (hint : stairs ) "Sky Might fall style " - free
 Skin: My Ugly Dorothy - Lucky Board n*2 -free
 Dress: paper.doll- group gift (joining fee 200 L$)

BOOM - 5L$ Cheapie thats utterly yummy!!!

A cute sexy 5L$ cheapie @ BOOM girlies- totally spring- y totally fresh totally teasing . A MUST SNATCH :)



Leonie Textures & Sundries Ortiz Set Lime Green

Hey Folks,

How are you?

Here's my latest release, the LTS Ortiz Living Room Set which includes armchair, couch, pillows, coffee table, vase and room divider. Tropical Windlight settings are also included.

Everything is made of organic or recycled materials of course!

You can buy each piece separately for 75L or get the set for 300L. All items are copy/mod.

All textures including fractals are made by me.

Thanks for looking!

Leonie Szczepanski
Leonie Textures and Sundries

New Dollarbie @ VINY CAFE

Visit the Dominion Sim location  for DOLLARBIE A DAY !!!!

NEW *LATTE * location & group gift ;)

No fee joining the *LATTE* group- with a new location hence the new gift :) Also there is - at the very entrance- an entire wall dedicatedto group gifts :) Colorful stockings, cute sweaters and a fairy frilly dresss :)) - HERE

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Leonie Textures & Sundries Sisely Earring & Ring Sets

LTS Sisely Earring & Ring Sets by Leonie22
LTS Sisely Earring & Ring Sets, a photo by Leonie22 on Flickr. Click this image to see a larger
version in Flickr, then click that image to see the largest version for the full detail!
Hey Folks,

How's it going?

I just put out 6 other sets based on this design. I used various fractal and other textures that I made too! Yes they are all the same size despite my lousy graphics skills!

The regular sets are 120L each.

Thanks for looking!

Leonie Szczepanski aka Zurakowsky

TULI - NEW SARA!!! -discount and preview for group members TODAY ONLY!!!!

ONLY TODAY_ new release from TULI - SARA line -on the first floor - buy all for 2300 L and get a group members only dicount of 200 L pre-view prior to the release !!!!
GEM EYES_ pack of 5 _ FREE 
Hair- -lamb- wild things.



Galeria fashion sacola -Scarf-  -OL $ HUGE SALE !!!!     
Dress- Azul- group gift
Hair- Bliss Gift Ranie Fat Pack
LotusLand- Diane Pale Puink Earings(INFO IN PREVIOUS POST!~!!)
Germophobic Fractal Ring
Shoes- Eve *GF Pumps
Skin - Atomic Skin Grace / Liner Thorn (25 L) -RETIREMENT SALE of SKINS!
HopScotch-pose fair - gatcha & freebie pack of 4 poses!!!!
Liquid Eyeys Oceane's Group Gift !