Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reminder - 2nd opening of Gold Rush Fever & Ring on Special

Leonie Moon Over Bangkok Ring (on special)

Hi All,

How's it going?

2nd OPENING Wednesday July 20, 2011
9-11am and 8-10pm SLT

As always I'm pretty obsessed with gold and here's the
"Gold Rush Fever" Show where you'll see fourteen new gold-toned fractal
paintings with gold prim frames and dark shadows - well the 14th is the carpet!

Also on display, a fractally textured table with a fractally textured gold and yellow diamond ring "LEONIE Moon Over Bangkok" is located there as well. Both are ON SPECIAL at 70L each! until the end of July.

Rose Theatre and Galleries is just that, a theatre and a massive series of galleries with more artists from around the world all collected by Kylie Sabra, gallery director. Thanks to the builder and owner Kaya Angel.

The sim next door is also home to a collection of 60 more permanent paintings.

Thanks so much to Kylie and Kaya for picking me!

I'm looking forward to seeing you all there! Please feel free to forward this to your lists and groups.

Thank you so much,

Leonie Szczepanski


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