Friday, July 8, 2011

My Second Wardrobe :=) Part 1

   " I've got news for you, Lady. Nothing will ever be done to your satisfaction. your so bored you gotta invent things to bitch about. You've got nothing to do all day except your hair. No, the wardrobe was fine. You just needed something to fill your useless, empty, nail polishing, toe polishing, rich, bitch, suntanning days."(Overboard - 1987)

UrCo -Alice in Girly Tattoo - TY urCo !
Indie Rose @ My Second Wardrobe- Cocktail dress vintage rose 
FuLo- July 4th Earings gift 
Glam Affair- Group Gift for ID 
BeLoTe- White Stockings -Ripped - TY NAT!!!
MStyle- Rivea Pumps- Orange Flowers - TY SWEETIE !
Exile- Nomi Roots Nectar 

Now...a lil bit about this cool new thing called MY SECOND WARDROBE

Official Announcement :

I wanted to share with you. I'm so excited to have the chance to tell you about a new store opening up. It's called My Second Wardrobe and it's a discount store featuring your favorite brands.
This has been a very important project to me. It's an honor to have so many wonderful designers coming together to work with me on this project.
The designers are:  Angel Hair, Glam Affair, Tableau Vivant, Vero Modero, MIAMAI, LG CONCEPT, Aushk'a & CO, Gato, Miao, Holli Pocket, KIM, SIGMA Jewels, LaViere & Tee*fy, R.icielli, INDIE ROSE, Nardcotix, CandyDoll and Msn Design.
As well, every month there will be a guest designer. This month, Zaara will be participating.
I really think you are all going to enjoy this shopping experience. There will be new and EXCLUSIVE items for sale between 49 - 79 L$. And the collection will change every month. It's a great place to get amazing stuff for affordabe lindens.

To stay up to date on new concering MSW please joing the in world group.
MSW Management
Creators - DjAngeI Fallen & MechuL Actor
CEO - daisa Admiral
Manager - Temperance Seerose

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Leonie Zurakowsky said...

Wow, great!!! I love the photos! I will try and finish those rings soon! Leonie

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