Friday, July 1, 2011

...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Miss Independance U.S.A.

Yes my blog will NEVER be about ANYTHING related to politics..I come from a so called "third world country" which btw im very proud of , BUT I believe that good people exists everywhere ! No matter where they are born and which nationality they are...I know cuz Im inlove with someone different nationality than mine . 

So this will not be considered a celebration of ANY historical event . This is me reviewing a BEAUTIFUL outfit made by a dear cute and very talented person Cameron !!!! She really rocks .Her store is remodeled and her stuff has a unique stamp to it, a distinct style which I personally adore ! Yes there are people who would find it flashy but to those I say WE NEED A LITTLE BIT OF COLOR AND FLASHY in our lives !!!!

 So CAMERON, thank you are a STAR !!!! 

 And baby hope you like the settings  of the entire photoshoot !!!! :)))!



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