Saturday, May 10, 2014

The shadow & the light.

Shadow & the light.

If you haven't been to the Fantasy Faire yet you really need to go! It's an event I look forward to every year because not only do designers make awesome things for it but all ten different fantasy themed sims are pure eye-candy. I shot my last post in the Fairelands Junction sim and I wish I had more time to enjoy this event but it is only on until the 11th of May so get your toosh there while you can. Not to mention it's for a great cause ~ at each booth there are a few items clearly labelled in which proceeds will go to American Cancer Society - seriously you can donate to a good cause AND look great at the same time.

My wings are from Epic's booth at the The Faery Court sim, they are available in every color of the rainbow and include a small version for petites and a large version for regular avatars, animated versions and static versions. They also include whimsical little sparkle particles but don't worry the particles are not overdone and if they aren't your thing you can turn them off by typing "/1 cuteness off - to turn the dust off". If you would like to make your wings smaller use the petite version and make it bigger as the regular sized ones can't be sized smaller. This largely in part due to the Second Life platform limitations but don't get me started on that. Also when sizing make sure the animations are OFF - you can turn them off simply by clicking the wings.

WAIT THERE'S MORE! Yes there's another great fantasy event going on this month called the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. You can get my cute little plushie and matching horns headband from Atomic's Wishmaster Gacha. I am just so impressed by this gacha, there is NO losing in it. These are the rares but I wore the commons you can get from this gacha in my last post. The plushie does include a hold animation but I found that it held the plushie too close to me if I was wearing most long hairs and/or mesh breasts. You may have no issues as everyone has different shapes but I was able to wear mine with my long hair while out and about by using Label Motion's holding modifier animation (Hold Right Hud#4). It will work with your animation overrider just hit play on LM's animation (and after teleporting) minimize the animation and you're good to go.

Sorry for leaving you guys with this giant wall of text but I'm just going to note that my tentacle necklace by BluPrintz is freaking awesome and if you don't believe me there is a demo available. You can match the tentacles to tons of different outfits with a simple hud that will let you pick whatever color you want. There are three parts of the tentacles you can tint, the body part ~ I used a silver-ish color, the highlight part ~ I used purple and the little suckers that I also chose purple for. Have fun making up your own combinations though! The hud can also control transparency, glow and size under the more tab.

+Half-Deer+ released these yummy shoes for the brand new Collabor88 this month and they are ONLY 88L which is a complete steal. They are for slink medium feet and include a hud to change the heel to 7 different candy stripe texture colors and one light wood texture.

I know I'm late on this (by no fault of my own ><) but here goes ~ LCKY's hair packs now include a shiny new option in the hud that has the ability to change the left or right side of the hair to the texture of your choice. Or you know, you can just be boring and pick the same textures for each side! ;)

////// Clothing & Accessories /////

  • Headband: .Atomic. – Wish Master Gacha – Headpiece RARE – 75L Per PlayFantasy Gacha Carnival
  • Necklace ~ demo available, includes hud to tint three parts ~ body, hightlights & sucker & under more tab change transparency, glow and size: BluPrintz – Tentacle Necklace
  • Wings ~ includes petites & regular avatar versions, re-sizeable but read instructions, particles & animations that can be turned on/off: *Epic* – Celestial Butterfly Sparkle Wings {Amethyst} – Fantasy Faire 2014 - The Faery Court sim until the 11th of May
  • Top: Moon}. – Spring Fringe Tubetop
  • Skirt ~ includes a matching top not shown: *VinCue ~ – Jazzy+Top+LongSkirt
  • Bracelet & Ring Set: .:Buttery Toast:. – Coming Up Roses – ONLY 50L at Cosmopolitan Sale Room until the 11th of May
  • Shoes ~ for slink medium feet includes hud to change heel to 7 candy stripes textures & 1 light wood: +Half-Deer+ – Milkshake Pumps – ONLY 88L at Collabor88
////// Body /////

  • Hair ~ color packs now include a shiny new option in the hud that can change left and right side to the texture of your choice: LCKY – Rhiannon
  • Eyelashes ~ pack includes 5 lash variations: Candy Mountain – Dolly Falsies
  • Eyes ~ two versions included ~ one with more shine: The Sugar Garden – Mori Eyes – Ice Blue
  • Eyeliner: #adored – Edge Liner
  • Skin used with included loud mouth applier also includes bust/no bust shading, teeth/no teeth, black & no brows & soft or toned tummy optionsThe Sugar Garden – Ulzzang in X Tone – Group Gift
  • Mesh Mouth: .Loud Mouth. – Brandee – Open Mouth
  • Teeth: .Loud Mouth. – Vampire Teeth
  • Loud Mouth Lipstick Applier: Nylon Outfitters – Pastel 3 Tone
  • Mesh Hands & Medium Feet: SLink appliers available for The Sugar Garden skins
  • SLink Fingernail Applier: -{ZOZ}- – Angel Polish – discounted to 75L for The Designer Circle
  • Pose: .::Kirin Poses::. – Gift 3 – Free Gift includes four poses – Hit the subscriber at the main store!
  • Pose add-on Holding Modifier ~ will work with AOs: Label Motion: Label Motion– Holding Modifier Set – Hold Right (Hud#4)
ZOZ - Angel Polish Swatch


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