Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Colour of Distance

Colour of Distance

Colour of Distance ~ details

Location: H22O

H220 is a sim exhibition by Miuccia Klaar and Squonk Levenque and I highly recommend you guys give it a visit. I feel so at peace in the rain and this location is beautiful to relax in. I added two pieces of decor to this scene, +Half-Deer+'s newest animal Crane the Lightbringer and MishMish's Candle Lantern. Both lanterns are scripted to turn on or off with a click and MishMish's can be found at the current round for The Garden (The Liaison Collaborative).

I'm wearing yet more exclusive goodies from The Dark Style Fair, check it out! I'm sure that you won't be able to leave empty handed.

Enchantment's Once Upon a Dream round focused on Sleeping Beauty is on until the end of this month. The special prizes from this event are Limited Edition and will only be available for as long as it runs so get them while you can! You can get the veiled horns by The Sugar Garden and some of the lingerie I am wearing by Violent Seduction from it. Please see my last post about Enchantment if you aren't familiar with how this event works as it has changed since the last round. There are special prizes up for grabs including some the lingerie I am wearing which are part of the Thorn Queen lingerie set by Violent Seduction.

Violent Seduction's HUD

////// Decor Added /////

  • Crane Bird ~ includes 4 lantern colors ~ click to turn lantern on/off: +Half-Deer+ – Crane the Lightbringer
  • Lantern ~ click to light/unlight candle ~ 8 colors available: MishMish – Candle Lantern – The Garden (The Liaison Collaborative)

////// Clothing & Accessories /////

  • Veiled Horns ~ includes hud with sheer or lace texture options in 8 different colors: The Sugar Garden – Veil Horns – Enchantment < Stamp the card you receive with your purchase from tsg's main store & then pick your prize at this location!
  • Piercings ~ male & female version available & jewel cheeks included in full piercing set ~ scripted to change to 9 gem textures: :Hebenon Vial: – Inque – The Dark Style Fair
  • Necklace: ...::: Scrub :::... – Urban Voodoo Necklace – The Dark Style Fair
  • Bra, Undies & Stockings ~ includes appliers for wowmeh, lolas, cute/phat azz & slink ~ set also includes corset not shown which fits wowmeh, cute azz & sl av (fitted mesh): Violent Seduction – Thorn Queen Lingerie Set – Enchantment – Stamp Prize!
  • Winged Corset ~ fitted mesh & includes hud to change bows or wings to 12 colors: Violent Seduction – Bat Corset – The Dark Style Fair
  • Skirt ~ standard sizing & fits wowmeh & cute azz ~ sheer & solid color included: The Sugar Garden – Princess Tutu
  • Shoes: -DRD- – Stompers – The Dark Style Fair

////// Body /////

  • Hair ~ color packs also include options to change left or right side: LCKY – Rosalia – DIPPPP Pack & Neutal Pack – 50% OFF for The Big Show
  • Eyebrows ~ includes tintable, black, blonde, brown & red tattoos: The Sugar Garden– Mini Brows
  • Eyelashes ~ pack includes 5 lash variations: Candy Mountain – Dolly Falsies
  • Eyes: Clemmm – Ghost Eyes v.1 – The Dark Style Fair
  • Eyeliner: #adored – Night Cat – The Dark Style Fair
  • Tattoo ~ includes pale, medium, dark ink, clothing & tattoo layers: ::Enchanted Ink:: – Ocean Maori Tattoo – The Dark Style Fair
  • Hands Tattoo ~ includes different texture options ~ glove layer, tattoo layer & appliers for slink hands: Clemmm – Damaged Hands – The Dark Style Fair
  • Skin ~ includes bust/no bust shading, teeth/no teeth, red, brown, black, blonde, no brows & soft or toned tummy options, beauty marks & light freckles tattoosThe Sugar Garden – MeiMei
  • Mesh Mouth: .Loud Mouth. – Brandee – Open Mouth
  • Teeth: .Loud Mouth. – Vampire Teeth
  • Loud Mouth Lipstick Applier ~ each color includes light, medium, tan & dark shades of the color each intended to look best with corresponding skin tones: The Sugar Garden – Angel Lipstick – Capri Ombre (Light)
  • Mesh Booty & Legs: *Luck Inc.* – Cute Azz appliers available for The Sugar Garden skins
  • Mesh Hands & High Feet: SLink appliers available for The Sugar Garden skins
  • Slink Fingernail & Toenail Applier: Adore&Abhor – Kitten Claws – 50% OFF SALE
  • Pose: Label Motion – Katie Pose 3

Adore & Abhor - Kitten Claws Nail Swatch


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