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Howling ~ details

Howling ~ closer

Did you know that there aren't just dark & moody things at The Dark Style Fair? You can get the adorable dog I am holding by a.n.c. Ltd. there! Just about the cutest thing I have ever seen and pretty realistic looking. Speaking of cute things Cubic Cherry Kre-ations made the round little bouncing pal you can see at my feet. It is materials enabled, mod-able so you can resize to your desire and includes a bunch of different versions in each color pack. You get a following one that is like a pet which will bob while making cute little noises when you walk and fly, a hold version with a hugging animation, head version & rez which starts at 2 prims. You can get them at the Funny Puppet Fair until May 25th.

8f8 made an ahhh-mazing gift that you can snag at the main store for free! It's the little baby black kite-ling floating up with a balloon. There really is no excuse not to take this adorable little guy home with you.

Mad Echo has two brand new releases out at the main store! The first being the Macaron Lippie appliers for Loud Mouth which come in twelve pretty colors. And they are only 150L for all of them! I just love every single lip color and the beautiful shading that she did. Just keep in mind that they were made to look best on the Alli Loud mouth. The second new release being the Wordy bracelet, I wore the Princess version but the other ones you can get are Babygirl and Kawaii. Each comes with a hud to change to gold or silver metal & 8 heart & cord color options.

Location: The Trace

////// Clothing & Accessories /////

  • Balloon Kite-ling: 8f8 – Baby Black Kite – FREE GIFT!
  • Hat ~ includes hud with 8 colors: .Atomic. – Forest Friend Sweater – The Chapter Four under 100L Room
  • Necklace: Amala – Rebekah Necklace
  • Dress ~ includes hud to change top to 12 textures: *VinCue ~ – Ovie+Dress – Kustom9
  • Dog ~ includes hold animation: a.n.c. Ltd. – Longhairdog – The Dark Style Fair
  • Bracelet ~ includes hud to change metal to gold or silver, cord or heart to 8 colors: Mad Echo– Princess Bracelet
  • Shoes ~ for slink high feet ~ includes hud to change bows to 14 colors: The Sugar Garden – Hime Peeptoes
  • Round Pet-ling ~ includes multiple versions & materials enabled ~ follow: animated bobbing & cute noise on walk/flight ~ hold: with hugging animation ~ head ~ rez: 2 prims: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. – Lovely Sumomos – Funny Puppet Fair

////// Body /////

  • Hair ~ color packs also include options to change left or right side: LCKY – Eilfie
  • Eyelashes ~ pack includes 5 lash variations: Candy Mountain – Flutter Falsies
  • Eyes: Chus! – Poppet Lenses – Feral – FREE GIFT!
  • Eyeliner: MONS – Eyeliner Glitter – Dream
  • Cheek Glitter ~ tintables includes 11 glitter makeup variations: (fd)– Glitter Makeup
  • Skin ~ includes worn beauty marks tattoo, bust/no bust shading, teeth/no teeth, red, brown, black, blonde, no brows & soft or toned tummy options & light freckles tattooThe Sugar Garden – Eun-Seo
  • Mesh Mouth: .Loud Mouth. – Alli – Open Mouth
  • Teeth: .Loud Mouth. – Gapped Teeth
  • Loud Mouth Lipstick Applier ~ pack includes 12 color options for loud mouth only: Mad Echo– Macaron Lippies
  • Mesh Hands & High Feet: SLink appliers available for The Sugar Garden skins
  • Slink Fingernail & Toenail Applier: .{ Mes Petites Coutures }. – Girly Nails
  • Pose: //elephante poses// – Waking Hour #2 – VIP Group Gift

Mes Petites Coutures - Girly Nails swatch


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