Friday, November 22, 2013

welcome back!!!!

Bla! Tbs edition
Some time ago I tested possible laps!
It is not easy to come back after so long, it seems that u can not do it anymore ...

take me away ... the blog, which has always been my passion, I got me away from my side that I like about me ...
the side that loves to play with dolls, give suggestions, help somehow. "!
In these months things had happened in my rl and my sl, which kept me that.!
Studying very very very ... watched tryout for 4 different universities ...
Massive evidence, reading, and the little time I had wanted to be among my friends.
forgot .... I liked best, which was to be here writing to you!
  BUT .. it's over, now I have my free time back!
I want to be here ... doing posting pictures, talking about fashion with you ...
Did not have much DFashionlovers al on the other side???
I hope so ....
And to come back with all ... wanted to say that I understand all the sponsors who ejected me from their group of bloggers ... or simply stopped sending me your reviews! Thanks for all the support given during the time they have been with me!

But some will, and others see ...
I shop a lot and coheci nice, wonderful designer that I will post in the very near future! I'm very excited to show you!

But to celebrate this new phase of my ....... yes I am now an elf sometimes .. I post a sensual, using the always beautiful clothes Bla! and hair with this beautiful texture Ploom "

Any questions do not hesitate to contact me inworld Kakaw denimore >> <<

Bla! and Ploom new hair
NEW Body !Blah.(My Playful Bodysuit) Aqua TBS editon
NEW .ploom. Leela - Candy
Eyes .tsg. Sleepy Green
Ears Lovely_Alien_SimpleElfEars_
Tail {Lemon Tea} Upright Demon Tail (Matte Cyan)


Bangles and Neck 1 GizzA - Boho Set [Ocean] thanks Giz
Bangles 2 GizzA - Asia Watch&Bracelet [Blue-Silver]  
Belt <-Puncture-> Belly Chain - Heart (small)

Focus poses model 112/3


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