Thursday, November 28, 2013


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A new event is on and you should not miss it if you are into cool sexy vamp make up like I am( speaking of vamp noticed the necklace im wearing ?)  ! Its Winter Trend 2013 !!!

   Credits :
MONS  Lal Skin -brown brow-soft makeup- light tone V1
MONS  Deep Eyes - brown
MONS & Bens Beauty   Elena2 Earrings - dark (Left)
MONS  Makeups - Lipstick Fearless - elegant
MONS  Makeups - Eyeshadow Womanizer - black
  AT  Winter Trend 2013 !
booN WMO003 hair chocolate
Blah(My Cute Vampaia Necklace) Black

Thank You to :
Ekilem Melodie, Hoshi Kimono, Snow Martiel


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