Friday, November 8, 2013

Meet Izzie's Katya

Meet Izzie's Katya , a fresh another beautifully done face by our well known Izzie Button.
I imagine Katya as a college freshman with a mischievous side . Having tried her in several different shapes i reccomend her warmly as she fits them all brilliantly !
Enjoy the freckles and the shades of make up that are always so thoughtfully done !

. Liquence . - F1 in Genetics
Essences - Cho Eyebrow Shape
Izzie's - Katya Eyeshadow brown
Izzie's - Lipstick dark red
Izzie's - Teeth 4
Izzie's - Katya Skin peach RB-red brow
[theSkinery] Lovers eye-Hazel
-DRD- horns and chains


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