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LOGO THANK YOU Maximillion Grant (and the whole LOGO team !)
Why ? Cuz you really need LOGO in your SLIFE ! 
Lets not kid ourselves this is a stepping stone, a revolution in mesh for your avatar , a SL landmark in creation. Everyone was talking about it once it apperaed ! And the hype hasnt dialed down since ! For all the right reasons ! You could think.. but i dont want to look uniformed .. like everyone else, but thats the beauty of this product that it has SO MANY options for you to customize it to your liking that it is literally a barbie doll for a virtual world ! Expect many more reviews on my end cuz this is just not enough for me to show you ALL the amazingness this product posess !
To just list some- the expressions on your face where you can choose & combine fro the ones shown in the snapshot of the HUD below , and use eye expression from one option and mouth one from the next !
You can customize your nose, eyeshadow,eyes(EXCLUSIVE SKIN FAIR GLITTER COLLECTION OF ADD ONS IS A MUST even for you owning sadie from before), eyebrows, hairbases, lashes, lips, and blushes ! 
Also Keep in mind this is a product that will just keep on giving as you are going to be hearing news of updates in styles, makeups ..etc ! 
Skin fair Booth :SIM 2 -SPONSOR AREA -
LOGO Infinity Sadie Hybrid Mesh Avatar - Bloom (Default)
LOGO Sadie Hybrid Mesh Avatar Lipstick Collection 1 Add-On
LOGO Sadie Hybrid Mesh Avatar Blush Collection 1 Add-On
LOGO Sadie Hybrid Mesh Avatar Reflections High Res Eyes Add-On
LOGO Sadie Hybrid Mesh Avatar Glitter Collection Add-On
LOGO Sadie Eye Positioner
LOGO Sadie Teeth (Legacy Version)

Additional options for your avi :
LOGO Infinity Body Option - Bottom
LOGO Infinity Body Option - Firm Stomach
LOGO Infinity Body Option - Muscular Stomach
LOGO Infinity Body Option Bloom - Style 1 Nipples various types
Bloom, Cocoa, Almond, Amber,Alabaster
Hair :
Headline (Gloss Hairstyle .Manhattan .Brown2) (by Lana Sommer)
HEADLINE can be temporarily found at:

heres a looksee of the tones available to put your SADIE in !!!

This is what the creators  grace us with in a VERY INSTRUCTIONAL THOROUGH NOTECARD (i pasted it here so you can get accustomed with the product and all its marvels and really be convinced that this is something YOU NEED to have in your inventory ):

""" The use of mesh in recreating the head means a more realistic looking face, better looking expressions, and higher resolution skin and makeup textures, while keeping the Second Life body means your clothes will still fit and you still have ability to alter your body shape.

The Logo Hybrid Mesh Avatar is interactive, meaning you can customize your makeup or change your facial expression with the click of a button.

There is a lot included with your Hybrid Avatar, so don't get overwhelmed! This notecard will review the basics of whats included, what to wear, and how to use the mesh head. Lets get started!

While it may seem like there are an enormous amount of items included (and there are!) many are simply different versions of similar items which allow you to customize your Avatar.  We'll break down what all the items are and what you need to wear.

There are 5 skin tones included.  In order from lightest to darkest they are Alabaster, Bloom, Almond, Amber and Cocoa.  For each tone you'll find 2 folders, Default and Options. In the Default folder you'll find all the items you need to wear to get the full Avatar with the default look:
1 Hybrid Body Shape (with Body Fat set to 0 and fully modifiable)
1 Hybrid Mesh Head (which fits a Body Fat 0 body shape)
1 Infinity Base Skin
1 Head Alpha (to hide the head of the Second Life avatar)
1 Eyes
1 Teeth
1 Eyelashes
1 Eyelids
1 Hair Base
1 Customization HUD
1 Rigged Human Ears
In the Options folder for each skin tone you will find:
1 Hybrid Mesh Head (which fits a Body Fat 16 body shape)
2 Infinity Base Skins (with alternate breast shading)
2 Stomach tattoo layers (for alternate stomach shading)
24 Nipple tattoos layers (8 alternate styles of nipples for each of the 3 different skin body styles)
1 Bottom tattoo layer (for alternate bottom shading)
2 Rigged Human Ears
We have also included another folder with a variety of ready to wear and modifiable body shapes in 2 sizes (body fat setting 0 and body fat setting 16). You can of course wear your current shape (with a few minor modifications, see Section III). These shapes will work with any skin tone and have been designed to each compliment one of the different skin body styles as noted in the name of the shape however feel free to use any of the skin styles with each shape.
The last folder is called Extras.  Inside you will find an eye positioner for helping you place the eyes if you change the head size, individual legacy versions of the eyes and teeth for those who want to wear their own mesh/prim eyes (these are old versions which have issues with some shoes but are included for advanced users who want to wear their own eyes and know how to bypass the bug) and 5 bags, one for each skin tone, with individual heads.
Inside the bags you'll find individual heads that only have a single expression each.  For each expression you'll find 2 heads, one for Body Fat 0 and one for Body Fat 16, so pick the one which matches the body shape you are wearing.  Use these if you have a slower computer and only want to wear a single expression or are are using the Phoenix viewer which as of this release doesn't correctly support the expression switching of the main heads.
For the Avatar to look correct you will need to at least wear:
1 Hybrid Body Shape (Or your own shape with certain modifications, see Section III)
1 Hybrid Mesh Head
1 Infinity Base Skin
1 Head Alpha
1 Eyes
1 Teeth
1 Ears
1 Eyelashes
1 Eyelids
1 Hair Base (Optional)
The Customization HUD can be worn for customizing your avatar's appearance and expression (see Section III).  Once you have your avatar set how you want you no longer need to wear the HUD until you want to change your look.  However, the HUD also serves another purpose.  Sometimes Second Life was trouble loading textures on a rigged mesh so if you find your head textures are not loading all the way you can wear the HUD to force SL to fully load your textures.
The Settings Storage prim is an invisible item you wear that stores all the information about your current look (see Section III).
The Body, Head and Skin
The Hybrid Avatar uses the traditional Second Life body that you are used to but replaces the head with a high quality mesh version.  This allows you to still wear all your regular clothes but requires that the body shape has a few specific settings to ensure a proper fit.  For this reason we highly recommend wearing one of our included shapes and then changing the body settings to suit your taste. Any of the body settings can be changed except we don't recommend changing the Body Fat setting or you may see a seam around the neck.  This is the reason we include 2 versions of the head, for Body Fat 0 or Body Fat 16.  You should also not change any of the other head settings.  Most will have no effect on the shape of the Hybrid Mesh Head but changing some settings can produce very undesirable results.
Since the head is rigged it can be worn on any body part and will always appear correctly on the Avatar.
Also be sure to wear the Alpha layer to hide the Second Life head.  If you're wearing a piece of clothing that also requires an alpha then right-click the Alpha in your inventory and select Add to ensure you don't replace any other alpha you're wearing.
If you want to use your own shape you will need to change a few settings on your shape for the head to fit properly.  Go into Appearance mode and edit your shape, then make the following changes:
Body Fat - 0 or 16
Head Size - 56
Head Length - 28
Face Sheer - 50
Eye Size - 49
Eye Spacing - 55
Eye Depth - 0
Eyelash Length - 0
Eye Pop - 50
Jaw Shape - 13
Chin Depth - 10
Jaw Angle - 65
Chin-Neck - 30
With those settings you should have a perfect fit.
Th 3 included skins work seamlessly with the body and head to create a unified look.  They are listed with a Style number that is as follows:
Style 1 includes breast shading for medium sized breasts
Style 2 includes breast shading for small sized breasts
Style 3 includes breast shading for large sized breasts
The Customization HUD
The Customization HUD allows you to have full control over the look of your Logo Hybrid Avatar. The HUD is divided into 10 sections - Lipstick, Eyeshadow, Blush, Noses, Eyes, Brows, Lashes, Hair Bases, Expressions & Eye Expressions.
To access the options simply wear the HUD and click on the section you want to customize and a panel showing all your options for that section will open (example: click on "Lipstick" to see all the lipstick colors and styles). Click on the arrows to scroll through all your available options.
For even more options we offer additional Eyeshadow, Lipstick, Blush and Eye add-on packs in the main LOGO store. These options can easily be added to the Customization HUD so all your options are in one, easy to find place!
There are 12 preset facial expressions. You can also mix and match the upper and lower halves of each facial expression to create your own unique look, most of which are just not possible with the current SL avatar!
Parted Pout
Warm Smile
To change your facial expressions, click on the "Expressions" section to open a tab showing all the available options. Each facial expression are divided into 3 sections, Mouth, Eyes and Both. To display the expression as pictured on the HUD, click on the nose in the picture.
You can also mix and match the eye and mouth expressions any way you choose. For example, you can choose the mouth from the "Quizzical" expression by clicking on the mouth in the picture, and then choose the eyes from the "Sad" expression by clicking on the eyes in the picture.
You can also change the position of your eyes using the Eye Expressions options. These are handy for picture taking when you don't want the eyes to move around.
The Eyes,Teeth and Ears
The included eyes completely replace the default avatar eyes.  This is necessary because the regular avatar head is hidden and needs to be tucked back away from the mesh head so that it doesn't cause alpha issues with the lashes.  You can choose your eye color from the eye section of the Customization HUD.  The eye position can also be controlled via the HUD in the Expressions section and includes 15 static positions for making photography easy.  When Off is selected they will look around naturally.
You cannot replace these eyes with other mesh/prim eyes because the original eyes were causing a conflict with some people's shoes (see FAQ).  If you still want to wear other prim/mesh eyes we've included a Legacy Version of the teeth (yes, we're talking about eyes but in this case it's the teeth that you need ;)) in the Extras folder which will allow your prim/mesh eyes to function properly with the head.  However this will reintroduce the shoe bug, a workaround for which can be found in the FAQ section.  So while we don't recommend you do this the option is there for more advanced users.
The eyes are NOT rigged and are fitted to the default Sadie head size of 56 and attached to the Mouth.  If you wish to change the head size or if you're using your own shape the eyes may need to be refitted.  For this reason we've included an Eye Positioner in the Extras folder along with instructions on how to do this.
The teeth are rigged and can be worn on any body part.
There are three sets of rigged human ears included. Each set is in a slightly different position to accommodate different hair styles.  The ears are also removable completely if you wish to wear another set of ears like our LOGO Elf Ears.
The Eyelashes & Eyelids
Eyelids are included so that your avatar blinks naturally.  The color of the eyelids will perfectly match your eyeshadow choice.
7 styles of eyelashes are also included and combined with the eyelids for easy wear-ability.  The style of the eyelashes can be changed with the Customization HUD and they will also correctly follow and match your current expression for a flawless look all the time!
The lashes and lids are rigged and can be worn on any body part.
Hair Bases
There are 42 hair color base options included on the customization HUD.  These are an exact match for the colors we offer with our LOGO hair but you should be able to find a color to match almost any other hair.
Section IV - FAQ
Q: So can I change the shape of the face?
A: You can change the skin details like nose shading, makeup, eyes etc to customize your look but rigged mesh does not currently respond to most of the SL shape slider settings.  While this may be possible in the future currently when you purchase this Avatar you will look exactly like the Avatar.  For many this is exactly what they want, for others who are attached to "their" shape we say play around with the HUD for a little while, I think you'll see how many unique looks you'll be able to create and what some of the advantages of our system are.  Also our lineup of faces will be expanding all the time so keep checking back as we release new looks.

Q: Can I wear all my regular hair?
A: Yes, all SL hair will work.
Q: Can I wear my makeup tattoos with this?
A: We include dozens of different makeup choices with our Hybrid Mesh Avatars but since our mesh replaces the standard Second Life avatar head any tattoos that go on the head are not visible.
Q: Can I use my own shape?
A: Yes as long as you change a few settings so that the head will fit properly on your shape. See Section III for the settings you have to change.
Q: Can I use my own eyelashes?
A: Technically you can but ours are designed to move with and fit each expression perfectly so you'll get a more realistic look using ours, and it's less work!
Q: Can I use my own eyes?
A:  You can use other sets of mesh or prim eyes. Currently using traditional Second Life eyes is not supported.
Q: I wanted to wear my own mesh/prim eyes and so I wore the Legacy teeth but now my shoes are sometimes not in the correct place.  How can I fix this?
A:  This is due to a Second Life bug with the way SL deals with mesh items with joints and shoe bases.  To work around this problem please remove your shoe base and your Eyes & Teeth.  Then make sure to wear the Eyes & Teeth first, then the shoe base last.  If the bug reappears simply do this process again.  Alternatively if you're using Firestorm you can click the Quick Preferences button on the bottom right and change the Height Offset until your character is standing on the ground again, then simply move your shoes down to match your foot position.  Hopefully this will be fixed in a future SL update.
Q: Are you going to be releasing more faces/makeup/eyes/eyelashes/expressions?
A: Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes""""


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