Monday, March 18, 2013

show more skin

Hey sexy ladies! and yes more goodies from the Skin Fair '13.. This time it's MONS  turn and also *JeSyLiLO*

MONS skin is called Cat Skin and it comes in 3 tones (light, bronze & tan) + option of  brow color (light, natural, dark & red) + brow base (dramatic, exotic & sexy) below you can see the tones plus the 3 diff makeups that comes with the skin.

*JeSyLiLO* came out with  Bella.. her face is just so exotic and enigmatic.. it comes in light tone and with 3 makeups (as you can see)...

Well ladies it was a sneak peek of the Skin Fair '13.

Have a lovely week!


face mons

jesylilo - bella

face jesylilo


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