Sunday, November 27, 2011

What happens when a nice girl becomes an ice girl

The theme for this round of Perfect WARdrobe is Winter Wonderland. SAKIDE is offering their outfit Winter Survivor. Now, personally I think they should have called it Puck Bunny because it looks like something a puck bunny would wear, cheering on her favourite player (especially with those sheer leggings! not pictured) This is a full outfit, with a few legging options and cute Ugg-like boots with mistletoe! The hair is also for Perfect WARdrobe from Yucilie. I don't know if these designers collaborated but it goes perfect with this outfit. The Double Heart Charm necklace is from Addiction and is one of three items that will be on sale for only 55L tomorrow as part of Moody Mondays' Cyber Monday deals.
Check out Next Pointless Trend for Wynter's Perfect WARdrobe items!


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