Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse

New goodies from Sweet Thing. and MishMish at The Arcade! MishMish's Happiness is... in the little things! machine is full of dollies that can be unlinked from their statue base & resized. They are all doing such adorable things that I don't know why you wouldn't want to collect them all! The rare is an animated companion that also comes with a static rez option. This gacha will be retired after December 31st, 2015 so play it while you can!

Sweet Thing. has lots of cute accessories waiting for you in the Precious Rabbit gacha including heels with legwarmers, bunny ears, collars & tails all in noir and pastel colors. The rares and shoes come with large HUDs so you can customize them to your hearts desire & lots of commons come with a color change menu on click. Rare hold-able rabbit plushies include a HUD for accent colors, facial features, bows, and pearls. Rare faux ears include a HUD for ruffles, bow, pearls, and main fabric (5 colors each). No feet are needed for the shoes and they come with a HUD for the legwarmers, socks, rabbit tails, bows, and pearls. See what you can win below:

Sweet Thing - Precious Rabbit

MishMish - Happiness is...

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