Tuesday, December 1, 2015



The Arcade is open! Today I am featuring +Half-Deer+'s Jackalope gacha & The Sugar Garden's Sweet Winter accessories gacha. I can't wait to wear more of TSG's cute accessories later! Plus you just can't miss +Half-Deer+'s adorable Jackalopes! The Jackalope commons are static decor with 1-4 LI each & texture changer with 7 fur color options on click (Brown Spots, Grey, Black, Black Spots, White, Cream & Fawn). The rares are an irresistible animated baby Jackalope companion with hopping action and a Jackalope avatar (with AO included) and the most adorable baby Jackalope little artist decor!

Check out the gacha keys below:

Half-Deer - Jackalope Gacha

The Sugar Garden - Sweet Winter

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