Monday, November 9, 2015

Taxi 1T73

Taxi 1T73

The Sugar Garden has updated ALL mesh heads.
Lots of improvements including Lower Render Cost, No Lashes, Cleaner Brow Shape & improved Tongue Texture. Get all the details over at The Sugar Garden's blog!

darkendStare has an amazing wings gacha out at The Gacha Garden. There are so many must haves in this one!

darkendStare - Unseelie Wings

Every machine at The Gacha Garden has a Seed of Inspiration gift. To obtain the special gift from each gacha you need to play the same machine 20 times. Seeds of Inspiration gifts are no copy and transfer so you can trade them. They are also limited edition and can only be obtained for the duration of the event. darkendStare's Unseelie Wings Seed of Inspiration:

darkendStare - Unseelie Wings - Seed of Inspiration

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Photo Location – Ironwood Hills



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