Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cutie Moon Power!

Cutie Moon Power!

Cutie Moon Power!


Cutie Moon Power! Gacha Boxes


The Cutie Moon Fair opened today and you get can items inspired by the anime Sailor Moon there. I used to watch the show when I was young so this event puts me in nostalgic bliss. Even if you didn't watch the show you can pick up lots of things here that will deck you out in kawaii cuteness. I'll be posting more from this event for regular avatars so stay tuned!

Today I'm showing off VinCue's fully rigged mesh avatars that I accessorized with The Sugar Garden's magical weapons. The avatars are from a gacha, there are two rares (the middle ones: chibi & moon) and four commons at 100L per play. You get a modifiable system shape so your rigged mesh avatar will be proportioned (you can tweak this if you want to change things like the head size!), base avatar, outfit, modifiable jewelry pieces, the hair is a separate piece so if you do resize the head with the shape sliders you can resize the hair too, and a deformer that you use after you switch back to your regular avatar so it looks right. It also comes all packaged in a really sweet box, as seen above. Check out this video of them synchronize dancing made by their designer Cate Ying. They are so adorable!

The Sugar Garden's new weapons for Cutie Fair are NOT a gacha so you can grab your favorite color without relying on luck! Yay! I used three weapons from a past OMGacha event but the rest can all be found at tsg's booth at Cutie Moon Fair. The magical weapons from the Cutie Moon Fair include a version that will animate your avatar as well as shoot out particles and runes similar to the magic used on the show. Check out an animated gif demonstration by the designer Eilfie Sugarplumb: here & here. The compacts include a closed, open and necklace version. The pegasus has a right arm hold animation for your regular avatars and if rezzed for decoration it will only use up 3 prims. The little disguise pen Chibi is holding also includes a mouthie version of the weapon.

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