Sunday, April 27, 2014


Psycho Bates House By Roost
-tb- Spring Living – Clothesline
Zigana . hanging sheet . white solid
Zigana . winter chair. neutral
/ XIAJ / Parcel You Got Mail
Sari-Sari  - Assorted Mail
Sari-Sari  - Our Little Garden – Hose (green)  The Seasons Story 3
Sari-Sari  - Our Little Garden – Hoe  The Seasons Story 3
Sari-Sari  - Our Little Garden – Rake  The Seasons Story 3
Sari-Sari  - Our Little Garden – Bucket of Tools  The Seasons Story 3
[we're CLOSED]  dry weed

The Loft - Bennet Drapes White (modded) @ Collabor88
AF Slipcover Chair (Tapestry) RARE
AF Slipcover Chair (White)
AF Hat Box
AF Ruffled Rug
AF Reading Pile
AF Pillow (Horse Riding)
AF Pillow (Tree)
AF Pillow (Script)
[ContraptioN] Music Box GACHA: Sinister
{vespertine- fabric bird-sleepy owl/brown}
{vespertine- fabric bird-sleepy owl white}
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Leafes Lamp Gold @ The Home Show 2014

LAQ Decor ~ Bathroom Cabinet Sink – Worn
LAQ Decor ~ Clawfoot Bathtub & Shower (Bronze)
Zigana . hanging sheet . white solid
Zigana . rug . naturel
MudHoney  Leslie Pillow – lt blue @ The Home Show 2014
Toronto- Bathroom shelf-female @ The Home Show 2014
AF Pillow (Horse Riding)
AF Pillow (Script)
AF Reading Pile
AF Slipcover Chair (White)
AF Harry’s Boat
AF Poppies / Glazed Vase
AF Open Book
*Second Spaces*  - Bathroom Clutter – recycled towel rack
*Second Spaces*  - Bathroom Clutter – crates of things
*Second Spaces*  - Bathroom Clutter – clean up
-JoHaDeZ- planter /w tree “vibrations” @ The Home Show 2014
[PM]Pixel Mode - Distressed Stool
+Half-Deer+  Carved Woodland Animals (White Fox)
+Half-Deer+  Carved Woodland Animals (Faerie Deer) RARE

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