Saturday, March 15, 2014

- [okkbye] Marina @SkinFair2014 -

yes, SkinFair2014 has just opened its door and three regions are waiting for YOU!
My daily choice is the captivating new face of [okkbye]. Marina. Marina is available in 8 skintones, even there are lipstick pack, cosmetic pack with a bunch of freckles, beauty marks, cheeks and stuff AND a Rough Night pack with 4 diff layers for "used" look.:)
So here come the LMs for the 3 regions. You can find [okkbye] booth at the 3th:

Skin Fair 2014 - 1st - HERE
Skin Fair 2014 - 2nd - HERE
Skin Fair 2014 - 3rd - HERE (okkbye is on this sim)

For maps feel freeto visit the official Skin Fair blog:)


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