Saturday, March 15, 2014

D r e a m s


& Details

Update Firestorm or the official SL Viewer if you haven't already because fitted mesh has now been implemented! Now mesh can conform to your shape and be manipulated through your shapes sliders so no more squeezing into (or growing into) standard sizing! This dress by Violent Seduction utilizes fitted mesh and you can win it out of a gacha at 60L Per Play, there are some pastel colors as well as some blood splattered ones up for grabs. Eventually all of Violent Seduction's past dresses will be converted over to fitted mesh versions. Right now you can get the dress Versailles in fitted mesh and if you have purchased it in the past all you have to do is take a screenshot of your avatar wearing it, put it in a notecard and send it to Iki Akiri for the updated version.

Curious about fitted mesh? It's similar to liquid mesh, if you've heard of that but a lot better. Can't say it any better than Iki Akiri, "Since the skeleton has changed, Fitted mesh now moves with boobs and butts (And other parts not previously supported by liquid mesh). And yes - It supports dat jiggling. Turn your physics sliders up, it's hilarious." Go grab the demo and give it a try, don't forget to tweak your shape sliders for a better fit.

Skin Fair is now open so now's your chance to go and grab the new & ever so lovely Eun-Seo skin by The Sugar Garden. Hurry over & clickity to go check it out.


Location: Bonne Chance
////// Clothing & Accessories /////

  • Hat: The Sugar Garden – Good Kitty Lolita Add-on - French Maid – Neko Cosplay Gacha – 75L Per Play
  • Choker ~ includes hud to change metal parts to gold or silver and strap to 12 different colors: The Sugar Garden – Lovely Floral Collar – Forever
  • Staff ~ arm hold pose included in staff & can be turned on and off with a click: +Half-Deer+ – Kerfluffle Sheep Gacha – Shepherd's Staff (Wear) RARE – 50L Per Play – The Arcade
  • Dress ~ fitted mesh which requires latest version of Firestorm or Official SL Viewer: Violent Seduction – Kuro RARE – Heart Apron Dress Gacha – 60L Per Play
  • Socks ~ includes sock layers, cute/phat azz applier & slink feet applier: .:Buttery Toast:. – See my toes?! – 45L Per Color or 99L Fatpack
  • Shoes for slink high feet only & scripted to change metal & soles to 4 textures: Blah. – Forever Love - Charming Pumps
  • Sheeps: +Half-Deer+ – Kerfluffle Sheep Gacha – Blackjack & Pinto – 50L Per Play – The Arcade
////// Body /////

  • Hair: [elikatira] – Other – Blonde 07
  • Eyelashes ~ pack includes 5 lash variations: Candy Mountain – Fairy Falsies
  • Eyes: The Sugar Garden – Realize in Aquamarine
  • Skin ~ includes worn matching loud mouth lips applier, bust/no bust shading, teeth/no teeth, ginger, brown, black, blonde, no brows & soft or toned tummy options, beauty marks & worn light freckles tattoosThe Sugar Garden – Eun-Seo in X Tone – Skin Fair 2014
  • Freckles tattoo ~ included with Eun-Seo skins
  • Mesh Mouth: .Loud Mouth. – Brandee – Open Mouth
  • .Loud Mouth. Applier ~ included with skin: The Sugar Garden – Eun-Seo in X Tone
  • Teeth: .Loud Mouth. – Gapped Teeth
  • Mesh Hands: SLink appliers available for The Sugar Garden skins
  • High Feet: SLink – AvEnhance Feet Female High appliers available for The Sugar Garden skins
  • Pose ~ used with arm hold pose included in staff {Imeka~} – Neva Pose 5


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