Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DollCOCO, Magika, Al Vulo, Frees,Slink and Me! (LEONIE that is.) And What I Found! oooooooooooooooooh boo!

DollCOCO, Magika, Al Vulo, Frees,Slink and Me! (LEONIE
that is.) And What I Found! oooooooooooooooooh boo!

What I Saw!!!
What I saw!!!

Just in case!

The scene is at DollCOCO, an all mesh avatar shop by
Cocoro Lemon (of COCO fame), just opened! I knew it had
to happen soon and was interested to see what new
avatars would come up. These are so cute, not too
spooky either. They are all mesh so you need special
clothes and hair for them from what I understand.

I can't imagine how many hours of work has gone into
this ball-jointed doll system. If nothing else, drop by
and take a look!

To top if off, there are two mesh ball-jointed doll
bodies FREE now. Add one of the adorable heads for 450L
(which is incredibly reasonable) and you're a doll!

I took all the pictures there.

[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Sally] - [ anniversary Sunkissed ]
FREE new group gift, FREE to join group. Look out for
mobs and a broken subo. Maybe take off your scripts or
high prim objects before you go. This is one of the
most popular skin events every month.

*CandyDoll* Skin Burner Tattoo layer, Pale Burner FREE.
There are three tones so you can pretty much decide
what shade you'll be regardless of your current skin
tone! (OK, within reason.)

**Cheap Makeup-* GIFT* Babysitters Club Lashes (oh duh I finally realised they were a gift! LOL! FREE then, now? No. However there is a 35L gatcha where you can try for one or get the fat pack for 320L

[mock] Black Currant Lip Jelle [lip only] [1] 40L

DQ Skins #113 purple eyes MAKE HER OVER HUNT - FREE (join group free)
(Catch it before October 25, 2011)

Magika [01] TwentyFour hair 199L. You get two hairs,
one the mirror of the other. Also there's a HUD that
lets you resize and choose one of 25 different colours.

Adoness - Basic S:20 - Violet prim nails FREE (all colours!) Look for the free TEST nails. They come in a ton of colours and several sizes.

:::Sn@tch The Fallen Gas Mask (Smoking & Non-Smoking)::: 100L

Donna Flora DARK earrings 1L
(buncha frees and dollarbies here)

Kari - Triple strap watch - Cappuccino (already blogged) Seasons Hunt FREE

LEONIE rings:
LEONIE Aurora Amethyst Ring gold purple $ includes silver setting as well.
LEONIE Laura Ring Amethyst/Gold Mauve $120
LEONIE McGillicuddy White Diamond Ring (tinted lavender), former freebie..well there might be a surprise soon...

TART Sexy Cardigan Black - Group Freebie (FREE to join)

[ SAKIDE ] Exposed Top Purple (former freebie)
[ SAKIDE ] Pearly Skirt Belt Purple (former freebie)

KIM-Hannah Limited Color Gift-Liberty City purple (former freebie)

(Worldwide Industries) WWI Army Girl Garters Darks 150L

fllo Socks garter belt pu [purple], 7 colours 50L
(also check out the free brown and pink/purple beach slippers at only 1L!)

Slink Astrid Boots Plum Suede 600L (MESH)

Gas Mask Detail
Extreme close-up. Hair is the same, just used the texture change HUD.

al vulo Skin and Magika Hair Detail
al vulo Skin and Magika Hair Detail.


Slink Astrid Shoes and Legwear
Slink Astrid Shoes and Legwear.

Slink Astrid Shoes
Slink Astrid Shoes.

Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2


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