Thursday, June 9, 2016

Dinner Time!

Dinner Time!

Lots of super cute stuff from the Arcade this month! Just a note on the lovely rare dresses from the Moon Amore + Cureless Sugar Coated Gacha. The dresses are fitted mesh so simply change your shape sliders to get the shape of dress you desire. For example try changing your Belly Size to 0 and Butt Size to 35 and most of all have fun!

The Carousel headdresses are part of the new exclusive Player Reward Prizes for the Arcade and will be retired after this round of the Arcade is over. On your 50th pull of the Sugar Coated Gacha you will receive the Carousel headdresses along with a random gacha item from the machine.

The rare dresses & the Carousel headresses all come with a hud so you can customize various parts of them. Check out the hud for the RARE Melty Dessert Dress:

Dinner Time! HUD

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