Friday, May 8, 2015

Bitter Tears

Bitter Tears

A couple new things from The Dark Style Fair:

I am in love with the unisex Hozuki makeup set by Lovely Disarray. You get multiple system layers so you can mix and match parts of this makeup with your own. I am wearing the complete Hozuki tattoo layer but you also get 3 other tattoo layers with only Black Eyeliner, Black Eyeliner & Red Shadow, Eyebrows. For those of you who have TMP heads you get installers for them too.

ALTAIR* made the adorable Kokoro collar I have on. I am wearing it without lace and it comes with a HUD with options of white lace, black lace, no lace, gold or silver metals. HUD heart text options are plain, Cutie Pie, Princess & Kitten written in pink or noir hearts. As an added bonus you also get the full perm textures to make your own heart tag. Two versions are included one with OC scripts and one without.

I am really into ombre hair dyes lately and this hair by Suicide Gurls does it beautifully! My favorite part about this hair is the fringe and the wispy hairs surrounding it. You also get two sizes - regular & lolas.

Get them all at The Dark Style Fair! ~ Store Map

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