Monday, March 30, 2015

La Fleur

La Fleur

There are some new lovely Buzzeri brows out at Kustom9. These Natural Eyebrows come with 3 colors per pack (Light, Medium & Dark variations) and 2 tintable brow tattoos (Light & Dark). Two eyebrows bases are provided and one will give you a thicker look of brows while the other is made to make them look thinner. They are available in Blondes, Warm Browns, Cool Browns, Reds & Grayscales. There is also a demo available if you want to try them out with your skin first. Also new by Buzzeri are the Aura eyes at The Kawaii Project in tons of vibrant colors.

+Half-Deer+ made these adorable necklaces which can be worn three tiered as they come in three lengths ~ choker, medium & long. They are scripted with a texture changer for the chain with pink, gold, silver & rainbow options. I am wearing the shooting star & angel wing and there is also a rainbow cloud, pink daisy & white daisy. Get them at No21!

Loud Mouth updated tons of their mouths to version 3.0. You get a new hud with tons of new and improved options such as:

New base applier textures thanks to Essences skins!

Applier Cabinet, so you can save appliers without having to look for them!

Transfer button to transfer your saved skin appliers.

Animate button, wear more than one style mouth at once and animate between them to customize your own typing animated mouth.

Automatically puts your last applied mouth textures on each new mouth you attach while wearing the HUD.

Wear multiple mouths and switch between them instantly with selection buttons.

Apply individual parts of applier sets - apply just the skin, lips, gloss or new skin tattoo texture!

Check out Loud Mouth for detailed instructions on how to use the new HUDs.

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