Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mizu Mesh Head by The Sugar Garden

Im so excited to show u girls this wonderfull new release by TSG, Mizu Mesh Head!

All pictures i took are not retouched, or edited on photoshop are just high quality pictures with firestorm windlight nothing more, so u can see the quality of the skin n details.
I have another mesh heads and atm i was using an anime one by Utilizator that is pretty awesome too, but now i have many reasons to change cause this mesh head isnot only kawaii, but its complete!
The pack contains 4 skins (Soft, Toned, Bust, No bust) skin, mesh Head, and the Hud system for your head. As you can see in the pictures,u get 16 makeup options, 15 facial expressions and also 36 hairbases and eyebrown color options.
Available in 8 tones a,b,c,d,e,f&Vampy.
To me its a must have for who love this style as me :3
Ps: in the picture im using eyelashes by Redgrave but the head cames with eyelashes also i just love customize my mesh heads :X


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