Wednesday, September 10, 2014

23 Angels standing guard.

23 Angels standing guard.

What's my fortune?


                                                               ★ INFINITE PIXELS ★

Work is kicking my toosh to the point where I wanted to stay home yesterday to play with all my Arcade things but alas! Thankfully I did find some time and I'll declare here & now that I absolutely adore MishMish & +Half-Deer+'s magical little creatures and accessories! MishMish's Fortune Teller Collection items will be retired after September as usual so play it while you can. All the little astrological creatures come on a stand that you can display on a special rare shelf. The other two rares are the fortune teller machine that will give you a fortune when touched & an animated holdable fortune teller puppy pet. +Half-Deer+'s rares in the A Forest's Tale gacha are the holdable bunnies and owl with glasses (you can turn off the hold animation with a click). A separate release by Half Deer are the (asdfg I am falling all over myself about how amazing these are) Dreamscape Mushrooms that you can find at The Chapter Four in the under 100L room!

My other two fave gachas from this round of the Arcade are Gigi Bags by The Sugar Garden & .Olive.'s the Beauty and Ocean Hair Gacha. The sweet little heart shaped purses by TSG come with a hold animation, hud controlled options to show/hide lace & 6 lace color options & gold & silver metals. Seriously a must have if you consider yourself cute! I am wearing Olive's Beauty hair in one of the colors from the rare Unicorn Vomit pack which is blonde with rainbow tips that I might add match the rare CreepyCute Gigi Bag! Both hairs are inspired by fairy tale princesses which you must have already guessed who - they are wonderfully done & warm my heart with nostalgia.


At The Chapter Four you can get a special release skin I am wearing by Atomic which is in the 2 for 1 room so you get two skintones for the low price of 300L. My fave part of this skin pack is the creative duo-tone lipstick I am wearing ~ purple on the left and pink on the right. So you get two skintones, two lipsticks with tattoo & loud mouth appliers, blonde, brown, black, red & no brow options which is really a great deal considering what we are all used to paying for skins! :3

And while I'm super late with this release you should all know how great Buttery Toast's wings are! They actually flutter realistically in world as in the best I have ever seen and you get a hud with three options: constant fluttering and slowly or quickly every so often. For The Big Show this month Buttery Toast released the ever so dainty Olivia mesh garters which as shown you can see they are tied together in the back by a rose and string bow. It includes a hud to change the rose, ribbon, cross ribbon & eyelets to eight colors & a resizer on touch. Plus if you're concerned it won't fit your legs there is a demo available!

////// Decor & Accessories Rezzed As Such /////

  • Mushrooms ~ each color pack includes long & short variations: +Half-Deer+ – Dreamscape Mushrooms – The Chapter Four
  • Hanging Lantern, Butterfly, Owls, Squirrels & Bunnies ~ all but butterfly include the option to turn hold animation off with a click ~ lantern also includes necklace version: +Half-Deer+ – A Forest's Tale – The Arcade
  • All Other Creatures ~ can be detached from display stand & resized ~ fortune teller machine gives fortune on click: MishMish – Fortune Teller Collection – The Arcade
  • Pathways ~ pack includes 3 variations for multiples (mix wood, rainbow, texture change) & 11 single step colors: +Half-Deer+ – Square Lighted Pathway

////// Clothing & Accessories /////

  • Bunny Ears & Flower Crown: +Half-Deer+ – A Forest's Tale – The Arcade
  • Necklace: Sweet Thing – Starshine Gacha – The Gacha Mania
  • Dress: *VinCue ~ – KayKay+Dress – NEW in-store release!
  • Wings ~ includes 3 wing fluttery speeds: .:Buttery Toast:. – Monarch Butterfly Wings
  • Bag ~ includes hud with options of gold or silver metals, with or without lace & 6 colors: The Sugar Garden– Gigi Bags – The Arcade
  • Tights ~ includes appliers for slink physique, cute/phat azz, wowmeh & TD: ~Cannibelle~ Charmed Suspender Tights
  • Garters ~ includes hud to change rose, ribbon, cross ribbon & eyelets to 8 colors & resizer ~ demo available: .:Buttery Toast:. – Olivia – The Big Show
  • Shoes: Blah. – Dogma Duo Pumps – N/A Past Project Limited

////// Body /////

  • Skin ~ includes black, blonde, brown, red & no brows, loud mouth skin appliers, two lipsticks in tattoos and loud mouth appliers: AtomicSong Special Edition The Chapter Four
  • Hair: .Olive. – the Beauty Hair – Unicorn Vomit RARE hud – the Beauty and Ocean Hair Gacha – The Arcade
  • Eyes ~ mainstore moving ~ includes hud controlled s/m/l size + resizer: [Buzzeri] – Voodoo Eyes – Nebula – The Fantasy Collective
  • Mesh Mouth: .Loud Mouth. – Alli – Open Mouth & Gapped Teeth
  • Mesh Booty & Legs: *Luck Inc.* – Cute Azz – N/A
  • Pose: Label Motion – Ally Pose 1


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