Saturday, September 21, 2013

Immerse your soul in Love

Hello my beautiful!
I'm happy today for a particular reason, now I'm a blogger official Ionic \ o /
I was already by posting a few items at a time and now I will keep posting for a long time!
In little time I tried to start posting items related to decoration (not even having my own house in SL) and I think it's working!
I plan to expand my desgner of decorating sponsor and making more and more photos ...
Also think worth taking a look at this beautiful lingerie of Izzies, so cute! The Skin Store BB is also an optimal choice for girls who like look more delicate. And of course I couldn't not talking about these beautiful slippers of Blah or the kitten eyes that are in Group Gift of The Sugar Garden.
I hope you are also enjoying it.

  • House: *ionic*  {whisper}
  • Paints: *ionic* ixtlan
  • Chairs: Lark - Urchin Chair
  • Lamp:  *ionic*  fairy light lamp
  • Withe Rug: Lark - Anemone Rug 
  • Small Rugs: even.flow -O-Rama Rugs - Gacha
  • Chair and table set:  *ionic*  Cosmia set 
♥See the decor itensin With Love


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