Friday, April 13, 2012

yj ,ktk,

ohiii you fashionistas, you! ya'll better woorrrrrkkk it grl! i was super bored yesterday and put together this look, and decided to blog it. I HAVE NO SL LIFE.

for new readers, i include shop and creator/owner of the store, so you can search them, SINCE LMS ARE NOT RELIABLE. people move like every 2 weeks it seems. as for wanting the exact name of the item, leave me a comment or an IM inworld!

hair - clawtooth, Bubbles Clawtooth. ( i have this uber crush on bubbles! shsshh. )

skin - illusory, Crushed Clarity. | collabor88 April.

glasses - yummy, Polyester Partridge. | collabor88 April.

dress - the sea hole, Drinkinstein Sorbet. | collabor88 April.

leggings - kyoot, Saeya Nyanda. 

shoes - nx-nardcotix, Nardya Rousselot.

pose - madeleine, Xanadu Capelo.

bag - pididdle, Brutus Martinek.


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