Wednesday, April 11, 2012

dgo;sdigh - yes i don't know what to title this.

sooo hiiii guys!!! :P i am super excited that collabor has a new collection, like i have been waiting for the 8th! it seems like it took F O R E V E R to get here, hahaha. Why is it that days you want to get here fast take the longest to get here? ALSO, you will be seeing much of me in the new seraphim blog, here.



P.s. I AM NOT GONE OR DONE WITH BLOGGING ( i am super sorry for the readers that keep checking my blog to see if i have updated ), i am just super bored with sl right now, all this moving around from sim to sim, is sooo annoying SO DRAINING. People need to stay loyal to their goddamn sims! Anyways, i'll be around more, i promise. See you around hotstuffs.

hair - boon, Boo Nakarmura. 

skin - illusory, Crushed Clarity. | collabor88 April.

bra - boom, Aranel Ah. | collabor88 April.

jeans - kyoot, Saeya Nyanda. | collabor88 April.

shoes - r2, Rei2 Aya.

umbrella - lisp, Pandora Popstar. | collabor88 April.

glasses - yummy, Polyester Partridge. | collabor88 April.

pose - marukin, Valencia Southard.

earrings & bracelet - the sea hole, Drinkinstein Sorbet. | collabor88 April.


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