Thursday, December 22, 2011

seventy four.

hii cuties!!! i am SO sorry for being so MIA, the holidays are whipping my butt into shape! YERPYERP. :D:D and there are so many things going on inworld like AMAGOSH i can't keep up! :S had a sale, mandala has a set of jewelry for 77L, la malvada mujer has gifts, anddd zeery's has new scarves, annnd i made new headbandss, annnnd lelutka has new hair! AND ETC ETC! SO MUCH UGHUGHUGUHGUHG,i shall catch up soon! if you don't see me before the holidayss..! i want to wish you all the best, and that you get EVERYTHING you want lolo. ;)

also i would like to apologize if i forget to credit some items, hahaha. if there is something you want and i didn't credit you can always IM me inworld or comment here, OR...... message me in flickr! MWAMWAMWA


hair - lelutka, Thora Charron. | new!

hairband - es' cusi, Sophielle Resident. | releasing soon, i need to make the ad! any volunteers? ;)

skin - amitomo, Yuiui Resident. | luckyboard, new!

eyes - miasnow, MiaSnow Myriam.

makeup - la malvada mujer, Faina Cortes. | it was either 10L or free, i can't remember. haha.

turtleneck - mr.poet, Hiwinyu Fazuku.

sweater - emery, Sunami Beck.

undershirt - pig, Apatia Hammerer.

jeans - the sea hole, Drinkstein Sorbet. | four corners item!

scarf - zeery's color couture, Zeerya Pyrithea. | coming soon.

sneakers - miel, Mika Nieuport.

nails w/ ring & bracelet - mandala, Kikunosuke Eel. | christmas special items, 77L. till i don't know when.



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