Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rebel Hope New Mesh Gown!

Well, I've been seeing some mesh clothes in some blogs and I have to confess: I was really upset because the lack of curves in some models... But when I saw this gorgeous gown by Rebel Hope, I instantly downloaded and installed the mesh viewer and was completely in love when I worn this creation! The only adjustment I made in my shape was decrease my body fat from 10 to 7. I'm wearing the "regular" size, curvy size is also in the pack, and also the option to wear your gown with shoes (I don't think it's necessary, but if you want...) I made a small video to show the flexibily of the gown - video is slow because my PC is not that fast for SL. Mesh can only be used with Second Life V2 at this time! Try the demo before purchasing the gown!

Gown - Rebel Hope "Fabria Mesh Gown - Ruby" *NEW*
Jewelry - Rebl Hope "Fabria Jewelry Gold" *NEW*
Skin - MOJO "Lovely" (porcelain) *NEW*

Poses - Apple Spice
AO - Vista "The Sensual Woman Breathing AO"


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