Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ingenue Dress and Details

Ingenue Seasons Hunt Dress
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I saw this Ingenue Highland Traveler dress blogged many times and still thought I had to do my own look. Lol! Sheesh! Shot on Empress and Hierophant, (Empress and Heirophant blog) thinking the dress was a fine fit to their Celtic theme, I wore it in the pouring rain and fog, almost getting hit by lightening, standing next to three sheep (7 different Blackface Sheep are on sale for 175L along with some other cool things here.) (free sheep avatar no longer available from Alchemy Immortalis) piled against an Irish dolmen. The sim is amazing and highly worth exploring tho the Bed and Breakfast is not yet open. It's one of the few places I have found in Sl with a regularish rain storm. I stood getting wet thru like more than 8 cycles and failed to get a shot of the lightening flashes which vary a lot! (I have blogged this sim before under Tellaq & Dany.) Alchemy Immortalis is also in the process of moving - an amazing assortment of shops to be checked out as well.

The dress is still available in The Seasons Hunt at Ingenue. Look for an orange leaf. The really amazing thing about this dress is that it comes with an alpha layer to make invisible your entire waist area. So while you wear the fantastic brown leather prim corset, you will look spider waisted! It works best if you don't resize the corset. This will have many other applications for SL fashion. Check it out!

Ibanez SmoothGlow Eyes Algae - pretty sure this was a subo gift, lol. I couldn't find them in the store now, or the subo and LC. However there are still free eyes here. Ibanez is moving and I feel sure that these things will be available again soon. Also Wearing Cheap Makeup Spider Lashes (on tattoo layer, they work so much better for eyes that aren't within the "norm"!) 40L in gatcha, fatpack of 8 styles 320L.

Govil Thank You So Much Hair blonde, free. Lots of LB's and cheapies here. Mynerva Vanilla Plain Jane V.2, gift from creator, artilleri Gabriella glasses leopard 120L, Fluffy Fur Tippet, untied strings (colour change options) in gatcha for 30L. Lilipily African Jade Earrings were once a free gift.

The almost infinitely colour change FLUFFY Square Wood Bangle is 50L. Paper Couture Moon Ring is 120L.

Kookie Shoes Sn@tch Tights
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Vo Pumps by Kookie (not Cheerno), were 50L special, solid colours 500L pair. Orange and black Cheetah Tights are FREE in a fat pack of 12 colours from Sn@tch. If you have not yet checked out their free and bargain sections, they are underwater and incredible. Tons of stuff! This SLURL should land you in front of the tights in that section. (Do not pay attention to the prices on the vendors, left click and click buy for 0L.)

Yak & Yeti IS BACK!!! EVERYTHING SINGLE THING IN THE STORE IS FREE!!! There is a tip jar, proceeds going to help Tibet. Almost all the old contents appear to be there as well. That includes any amount of saris, clothing (men's and women's), jewellery, decor and furnishings. I didn't see the pets tho. I'm wearing the Yak & Yeti * Wax Bangles - wear all together * red set right.

Adorning my hand is the SyDs Serenite Ring (green) (I believe this may have been a gift at one time.) They are still available for 68L and are no copy so they make great gifts. Check out this amazing hair and jewellery shop. They have Lucky Boards as well.

Glitter Manicure Mocha is from Sin Skins. The whole shop is just 10L. I highly recommend their glove base manicures and well as the eyes.

Thanks and have fun!
Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Briefs- HappyHipster-Pink Cupid
Hair- A&A- Lisa
Skin- Gala- Orage Creations-Promo
 2.Hasi- Subscribo Gft- Orange Outfit
   Bra- "Need A lift ?" -TGIS
   Skin-Lucky Board- DR - AMericana Exotica

3.Princess Shirt / I brought Sexy Back Shirt- T JUNCTION
 Hair- BC322- TUP Blondex Pink
 Skin-Miasnow-Starla Pale
 Heart Galsses-MIASNOW :)

 4.Zebra Bikini -TJUNCTION-Zebra Print (comes ina brown shade as well as black and white)
    DIVA tube top- TJuncton
     Beer / Balls/ PWND Shirts (LOL btw )- T JUNCTION
     Hair- SHAG- SomeBodys Baby- Dressing Room Item
    Skin- Miasnow- NINA DARK / Starla Pale
    Eyes-MIASNOW- Cat Green
    Accesorie- Stabbed In the Heart- MIASNOW

6.BC 322

Monday, September 27, 2010

R2 boots pumehana front (KDC MALL new location)

R2 boots pumehana_001
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R2 Pumehana (=warm love and affection in Hawaiian) Boots in black found with much effort! Here is the exact SLURL! They are located in a set apart display section along with a number of other fantastic new products. Pumehana comes in a sea green, light pink/mauve, sand and several other colours for only 249L, a real steal. I've always adored R2 - rei2 Aya makes a lot of nice footwear. (Also in this area you'll find some amazing jewellery by Gabriel, including a group gift of a piercing set like you never seen. The detail!) When you enter KDC Mall here, there is a huge wall to your right showing the tper's for all the separate shops and their Lucky Boards! (Not clear on why LB's would have to go off-line tho.) So I grabbed a few things here and there as I flew through the shockingly EMPTY corridors. One of the L's was right at R2 stall (the Pumehana Boots are not located here, just a pic) and I got a sweet pair of pink striped pumps! R2's shoe and boot sculpts are like none I have seen elsewhere on SL and reasonably priced as well as gorgeous! Just a little further ahead front the entrance are tper's to the individual stalls and shops. Have fun shopping here before everyone finds out about it! R2 Main Store Also wearing DJunk socks! (Djunk & tarvike just fine socks pale, TARVIKE just fine socks black, tinted dark blue by me.) Yes, after I despaired last time I searched for it, DJUNK IS BACK! Yay! The sign says DJunk tho you'll also see UKK, Too Cool for School and Republic of N so I'm not absolutely sure what the correct shop name is yet. EVERY SINGLE THING IN THE STORE IS FREE (that I could see)! I will vouch for hard work tho yes some things are take my meaning! Lol! I haven't tried on everything yet and there is a lot of cute stuff including clothing and skyboxes! I'm standing in the lovely skybox from TEE*FY in the Seasons Hunt. Look for an orange leaf here.

R2 boots pumehana_003
Originally uploaded by Leonie22
These stunning R2 boots found at KDC!
Happy hunting my friends! Leonie Szczepanski Lotusland Notes V.2

Tiny Voodoo Avatar

Tiny Voodoo Avatar
Originally uploaded by Leonie22
Check out this adorable little thing!

From the Twisted Hunt, spinning orange and black box, here is a burlap voodoo full avatar and with only 196 ARC!!! (Not that that apparently means anything about anything! Lol! ARC: & It's almost as great as the box shaped avatar to be found at the beginning of the hunt, which I posted here.

Please check my blog for further interesting reading on hunts and shopping!
Lotusland Notes V.2
Leonie Szczepanski

Many thanks to Melina Fetuccio who invited me to post on her blog: SL Extravaganza!

UNIQUE Boutique - New Gown !!!!

The beutiful Vampirella Gown !!!!-photographed right from the model pose stand . Visit this amazing store and if you dare climbt to the 3rd floor for the enchanted castle !!!! 

 Styling :
 1. Dress-*Vampirella Gown*-UNIQUE BOUTIQUE (Thanks to PussyCat Pike !)
2. Skin- Oceane's Nubia Group gift-Oceane's Body Boutique
3. Hair- Posh(part of the previously displayed huge free fatpack :)) -POSH

And girls let me tell you - this dress flows amazingly !!! YOu can almost feel the beutiful sways the "material" makes!!! Its a virtual sil- satin miracle !!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


A beutiful new NICOLE ANKLE BOOTS in Orchid and Oister came few days ago to us curtesy of one of the most iunventive shoe designers out there - CLIOTHE LUO !!! From *SOLE SISTERS* 
 Dont forget the store offers a dollarbie for every style in white color !!!!
 Enjoy their new location and new releases !!!! FOr every girl in STYLE !!!!
 (Hair used. Lucky Chair from 3636)



One of the SEXIEST dresses I have worn in a long time !!!!
 I have been extatic to find out Ill get the opportunity to blog this amazing designer !!!!
 Just ENJOY the beutiful creation and wait on your toes for more !!!!
 Gossip Girl ? No, Glitter !!!! -HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And a cute neco tasty group giftie :)))



Wonderfull NEW DISCOVERY :) Like I said before I enjoy finding beutiful imaginative creative UNDERRATED designers just waiting to blast out the SL fashion world !!!
 Dont be infuenced by shiny payed adds, be your own stylist and make your own choices - be dare and bold enough to wander into the secluded fashion corners of sl cause what you will find is a PATH OF AVANTGARDE DESIGNERS !!!!!

 Only Part One offers you :
 CStar Home of limited Skins - Star Skin - Sold Out !Look for goodies nd instore hunt here
 Dernier .Cri - Gravity - Dernier Cri



Styling :
 1. Boho-Maxi Bohemian Strapless Dress Pink /Blue-BOHO
2. Cstar- Evangelina -deep dark. home of the limited skins-::: CSTAR::::
3.Hair- Sea Wave-Vanity HAir

Serens Closet NEWNESS !!!!!!

Styling : 

 Serens Closet Newness;HERE !!!!!


 My Last Mistress- BDR
 Skin-in order:
 1. OC- Jenna (25 L$ promo!)
 2.LelUtka- NEW group Gift!-AVA

1.A&A- GiGetteAlli& Ali
2.A&A-Alyson>Alli & Ali
 4. Dernier.Cri- GravityDernier.Cri

 1. B! Fashion-Logo Boots-Modavia FW Gift
 2.Baby Monkey-Hayley BootsBaby Monkey-THANK YOU PIXIE !!!!!
 3.CasaCheerNo- camel Pumps- Modavia FW Gift

OMFG !!!!

mStyling :
2.Skin-Sunkissed (with hair / bun )- Lelutka Modavia gift-here
3.Clutch-Stella Clutch in Leaf- ORTA
4.Shoes- Baby T's -Lime-Pixel Mode